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 Daily news from the Canaries and the islands' biggest English language newspaper on-line
Daily news from the Canaries and the islands
   Daily news from the Canaries and the islands' biggest English language newspaper on-line

The parakeet feeds on fruitLa Palma
20.12.2015 - The Environmental Protection Agency of La Palma is out to capture exotic birds which have escaped from captivity, especially the ring-necked parakeets on the island. more...
Former President Nicolás Maduro had to recognise the landslide victory of the centre-right coalition Mesa de La Unidad Democratica
Canary Islands19.12.2015 - Thousands of Venezuelans in the Canaries have given a warm welcome to the regime change in their home country, where the elections on December 6 saw the controversial Maduro regime lose power. more...
Canary Islands18.12.2015 - Your events and exhibition guide for Tenerife and Gran Canaria. more...
SUP representatives say that budget cuts prevent the police from protecting themselves and the public
Canary Islands17.12.2015 - “We feel truly sorry that this government does not value us”, said the Spanish Police Union (SUP) in a recently published manifesto released amid a series of demonstrations that heavily criticised the budget cuts and conditions placed upon them by the current Madrid administration. more...
Hotel complex manager, Álvaro de la Bárcena
Canary Islands14.12.2015 - Over the last decade, travel agencies have fought a losing battle to hold their ground against the practice of do-it-yourself online booking, as we've become our own travel agents. more...
Zoo sources say Chita could live for up to another 30 years in her new home
Canary Islands04.12.2015 - A Fuerteventura chimpanzee that featured in the headlines when she survived being shot by police after escaping with two others from a compound in a zoo on the island is back in the news. more...
Canary Islands03.12.2015 - The events and exhibition guide for Tenerife and Gran Canaria. more...
As beautiful as the Atlantic is, it can also be dangerous
Canary Islands03.12.2015 - The worrying number of drownings in the Canaries has prompted a campaign to heighten awareness of the dangers of the sea, particularly for foreign visitors unaccustomed to the local currents and hidden hazards in certain beauty spots. more...
Christmas lights in the capital
Canary Islands03.12.2015 - As we truly enter the festive period, the islands of Tenerife and Gran Canaria are in full preparation for the season. more...
Mi Tierra TV was based in Puerto de La Cruz
Canary Islands29.11.2015 - Another potentially costly pay-out looms for the Canarian government, this time over the closure of a small-time TV channel in Tenerife three years ago as part of the clampdown on unlicensed broadcasting. more...
Ron Howard’s whale tale is set for December release
Canary Islands22.11.2015 - Fans of La Gomera will be interested to know that the new blockbuster action film shot on location on the island two years ago is due for release in a couple of weeks. more...
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