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Daily news from the Canaries and the islands
   Daily news from the Canaries and the islands' biggest English language newspaper on-line

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Education councilor for Granadilla, Florentino de Diego Daz
Canary IslandsGranadilla - 25.11.2004 - Today (Friday) parents, students, teachers and local councilors from Granadilla will be taking to the streets of San Isidro to demand more schools for the southern municipality. more...
Construye, a must for anyone in the building trade
Canary IslandsTrade Fair Centre, Santa Cruz - 03.11.2004 - Until the 7th November the Trade Fair centre in Santa Cruz is the place to visit if youre a builder or in need of one. more...
Las Galletas in need of police escort on school buses
Canary IslandsLas Galletas - 22.10.2004 - Violence, bullying, drugs, thefts and pranks on school buses are just a few of the reasons that have led the parents of children from Las Galletas school that use this form of transport to demand police escort. more...
The school in El Fraile houses 1,000 students
Canary IslandsEl Fraile, Arona - 21.10.2004 - Although the village of El Fraile is relatively small and less favoured compared to other southern areas such as Los Cristianos or Valle San Lorenzo, this multinational borough of Arona houses the biggest state primary school of the Canary Islands. more...
The universities will remain closed indefinitely
Canary IslandsLa Laguna - 22.09.2004 - Professors from both universities have decided not to start classes on the 29th as arranged in protest at the level of their wages. more...
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