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International day against domestic violence
Red shoes against killing women
The international day against domestic violence is on November 25. So far this year, 41 women have died due to domestic violence in Spain, two of them in the Canaries: 27-year-old Laura González from La Palma who leaves behind a son, and Iris Francés from Santa Cruz in Tenerife who leaves three young children.

Red shoes are a symbol of the pain of losing women through violence
Red shoes are a symbol of the pain of losing women through violence

20.11.2015 - During the second weekend of November there were three victims on the Spanish Peninsula.  In Baena in Córdoba, a 28-year-old woman was killed by her partner before he committed suicide.  Two women, a mother and her daughter, were shot in a street at Lliria in Valencia by the daughter’s ex-husband.  A child who was with them, was unharmed.


Zero tolerance

The Canarian government has announced extensive educational and information campaigns.  In schools, workshops and discussions are already held regularly.  Children and young people are learning that violence in a relationship is not good, and they are taught how to recognise signs of the beginnings of domestic violence.  Information booths are available in public places, which are not aimed at those directly affected, but at the general public.  These campaigns are awakening the will of the public to report suspected cases.  More calls are being received from worried passersby or neighbours, saying that they have overheard or seen violent clashes, and these calls can save lives.  Any woman who dies violently at the hands of her current or former partner, is one too many.

The Canarian government’s deputy president, Patricia Hernández, stressed that the authorities must take more care of the victims’ children.  She said that, "They are not just spectators, they can suffer lifelong trauma from these tragedies.  At the same time she called for assistance and protection programmes for women and their children who live in violent relationships.


Different activities

On November 25, there will be activities throughout the islands.  In Puerto de la Cruz, a minute’s silence will be held at the town hall at 12pm, which everyone can join.  In Lanzarote, a solidarity run in Arrecife is being planned for the weekend after the Memorial Day, on November 28.  It starts at 11.30am at the Parque Islas Canarias with some fun warm-up exercises, followed by a two and a half kilometre race.

In San Bartolomé de Tirajana, the council is supporting an initiative launched by the Mexican social artist Elina Chauvet in Juárez in August 2009.  A red shoe symbolically represents the pain and emptiness that is left behind when every daughter, sister, mother or wife is murdered, just because she is a woman.   At 6pm on November 26 at the Plaza del Camellero, near the Cultural Centre in Maspalomas, there will be a grand shoe-painting and exhibition, and everyone is invited to bring red shoes, or shoes to be painted red.  Some of the shoes painted on this day will go on to form part of the exhibition Zapatos Rojos (red shoes), which has been on a world tour since September 15, 2012.

Gallery: Red shoes against killing women
Red shoes are a symbol of the pain of losing women through violence 
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