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 Daily news from the Canaries and the islands' biggest English language newspaper on-line
Daily news from the Canaries and the islands
   Daily news from the Canaries and the islands' biggest English language newspaper on-line

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The stand was built by 70 specialists over eight days
SpainMadrid - 04.02.2008 - Fitur, the Madrid based International tourism trade fair, has grown into one of the most important events in the tourism calendar worldwide, and the Canary Islands, yet again, made sure they were one of the most talked about participants.
We couldnt resist a visit to Cunards lovely and newest Queen during her stopover in Tenerife on New Years Eve
SpainSanta Cruz - 20.01.2008 - We couldnt resist a visit to Cunards lovely and newest Queen during her stopover in Tenerife on New Years Eve.
Queen Victoria had been on the throne for only three years when Samuel Cunards first ship set sail.
Sea patrols have seen success in reducing the numbers of those arriving to Canarian shores
Spain20.01.2008 - The Spanish government has gone to great lengths to put a positive spin on the number of illegal migrants who arrived in the Canaries last year. Despite the news that the first day of the year brought over a hundred more sub-Saharans in a series of arrivals of boats in Los Cristianos and Arrecife, with many more arriving in the first weeks of the new year, Madrid insists that the situation is much better now than in 2006.
This was the first in a range of island-wide surveys
Spain20.01.2008 - The first CES (Canarian economic and social advisory board) Barometer survey has not brought cheery news for the regional government, and indeed would no doubt have prompted some new year resolutions among a number of politicians.
Up to eight whales and dolphins die on Canarian beaches every year
Spain20.01.2008 - Spains Department of Defence has signed up to a joint effort with the Canarian government to help protect the whales and dolphins living in waters around the Islands. more...
The new measures are designed to help young people move away from home
SpainMadrid - 20.01.2008 - The Spanish government has once more been left with egg on its face due to teething problems with a flagship policy measure. Just months after the prime minister was slammed in the media for announcing the 2,500 euro baby grant before the payment method had been worked out properly and before civil servants had even been instructed on how it would work, Jos Luis Rodrguez Zapatero has again come in for criticism over a measure, this time to help young people rent their own home.
Delight as Carnaval fans get their Gala entrance tickets
Spain18.01.2008 - Its Carnaval time again and all over the Islands partygoers take to the streets. The overall message is clear, sing, socialise and samba till you drop and whilst Carnaval fans queue overnight for entrance tickets to the big galas, most of the events are completely free. Fiestas in the provincial capitals of Santa Cruz and Las Palmas started earlier this month and go on into February, but smaller towns such as Puerto de la Cruz and the other tourist areas tend to hold their parties later and events continue somewhere in the Islands for four to six weeks so its still not too late to choose a costume, glitz up with Carnaval make-up and join in the fun.
The lucky ones
Spain22.12.2007 - The latest tragedies involving migrants from Africa trying to reach Spain brought the official number of deaths to over 360 for the year, including many migrants who were travelling to the Canaries.
Four young Africans died from hypothermia in early December during the gruelling trip across to the Islands.
Education minister Milagros Luis Brito dismissed the findings
Spain22.12.2007 - Education minister Milagros Luis Brito has come under fire for her reaction to an OECD report showing that the Canaries rank near the bottom of the international table in terms of schooling.
HRH, The Duchess of Cornwall with the Cunard bell-hops
SpainSouthampton - 22.12.2007 - The Queen Victoria was launched at the beginning of December by HRH the Duchess of Cornwall at a ceremony in Southampton as her husband HRH Prince Charles looked proudly on. Despite the slight blip as the first, machine-swung bottle of champers failed to break, the royals and those regular Cunard customers invited to meet them, enjoyed their day thoroughly. more...
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