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Crackdown on ticket websites
The EU recently announced that it will crack down on websites that give misleading information on the sale of airline tickets.

Crackdown on ticket websites

24.11.2007 - In the week of 24th to 28th September the EUs Consumers Commission monitored 447 websites across 15 EU countries and found that 50 per cent of them were giv­ing misleading informa­tion relating to price in­dications, contract terms and clarity of proposed conditions.  The EUs Consumer Commissioner Meglena Kuneva said that the companies that had broken the law had been contacted and they had four months to cor­rect their websites or clarify their position.  She commented, Whether you are in Brussels or Barcelona or Munich or Manchester, consum­ers deserve clear and fair pricing and no hidden surprises in the small print of contract terms. We discovered that about 50 per cent of airline ticket selling websites are cur­rently letting Europes consumers down...I am issuing the strongest pos­sible warning to compa­nies to take swift action to put their house in or­der. Once the January deadline expires I will not hesitate to go further and name and shame compa­nies which are still break­ing the law. 

A survey by the Spanish consumer watchdog also found that seven out of 12 airlines ticket websites that it had monitored were giving misleading information.  The Spanish authorities said that the websites were guilty of: advertis­ing the price of the ticket initially without airport taxes and additional fees; offering tickets free or at a low price but such tick­ets are unavailable when the consumer wants to buy them; tick boxes for insurance or additional services are ticked yes by default; trapping the consumer into buying unwanted items or being included on spam mail­ing lists; general terms of sales are not provided in the language version used by the consumer during the booking pro­cedure or not available at all in any language; and no information is given about the rights and pro­cedures of cancellation, transferability and ability to change dates.

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