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The people who make a difference in the Canary Islands
   The people who make a difference in the Canary Islands

New European Clinic
Personalised treatment in a family business
With waiting lists and queues in the public health system getting longer every day, now more than ever it’s time to look at an affordable private alternative.

Doctor Adolfo Peraza
Doctor Adolfo Peraza

20.04.2012 - We went along to talk to Adolfo Peraza, the experienced and very personable Doctor who is the leading light of the New European Clinic that he opened two years ago, which is now consolidated in the heart of Playa de Las Américas and continues to expand its excellent level of services. He told us, “demand for private healthcare in Spain has always been strong, despite the fact that the public system has very good services and professionals. Unfortunately now, for economic reasons, there have been cuts in the funds for the public system, which will obviously affect the patients who receive and depend on those services.” The team at NEC is able to deal with emergencies and minor injuries, will carry out home visits and has fully qualified specialists in traumatology, cardiology, pneumology, plastic surgery, physiotherapy, psychology as well as a full GP and nurse service and a sport assessment clinic. The services most in demand are in the fields of cardiology, physiotherapy and traumatology/orthopaedics mostly because there are so few centres that specialise in these areas as NEC does, “I would recommend that you consider attending a specialist clinic like ourselves for acute and chronic illnesses and injuries, for treatment and rehabilitation”. Why choose NEC? “We are in the centre of Playa de Las Américas. We’re open from 8am to 9pm, Monday to Friday and Saturdays from 9am to 2pm. All the medical services are at the full disposition of the patients and there is no waiting list.” All treatment is supervised at all times by highly qualified and experienced specialists. NEC differentiates itself from other clinics by, “our capacity to solve acute problems” swiftly. They attend to problems needing medical attention which in other centres could see you waiting several hours for attention. For example lumbago, earache, sore throats, sickness, diarrhoea, sprains, cuts, and injuries from falls, common complaints which can be extremely painful or uncomfortable and incapacitating and need evaluating by a professional and treating there and then. “It’s well known that the emergency services are overwhelmed, even the private sector services and if you work in this kind of centre you work on the basis of medical priority.” Which means basically, that if you have cut yourself and need the cut cleaning, stitching up and a tetanus shot, and there is a traffic accident, or someone with a heart attack, an asthma attack or other life-threatening illnesses requiring immediate attention, you will continually be pushed to the back of the queue. “We have the great advantage that we can deal with these kinds of emergencies with qualified medical staff within 30 or 40 minutes of them entering the door.” It’s a great advantage for those who are working because time is, after all, money, but also important for those on holiday. Who wants to spend a day of their short and precious vacation sitting in a medical centre or hospital waiting room? This is also an important piece of information for holiday reps. Your clients will appreciate it much more if they are attended to quickly and able to get on with their holiday and your time will be more efficiently used. The way patients are treated here is also special. “It’s a family business, my father is a doctor and we work together. My mother works here too.” This, for the patient, creates a friendly ambience that they can feel as they walk through the door. “We specialise in a personalised treatment for everyone, despite the fact that every day we receive more patients and we have the great satisfaction of knowing that the vast majority of our patients leave here very contented with the personal and medical treatment they have received.” Adolfo started his medical training in Cuba and finished in the largest university in Europe, the Complutense in Madrid. His ample hospital training and initial part of his career was in the UK, where he ended up in charge of the accident and emergency service at Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Hospital in London before coming to Tenerife. A private clinic of his own was his dream, where he could develop his creativity and his medical and managerial abilities and his own work philosophy. “Which is what I’m trying to do right now,” Adolfo added modestly. “We’re very happy with the work we have done so far and especially with the response from our patients, who recommend our services when they leave, and that’s the best reward for us. That’s the direction we are working in and why we have increased the services on offer to include cardiology, pneumology, traumatology/orthopaedics and the 24 hour laboratory and ambulance, which means we are available to the patients for whatever they need.” In addition to Spanish, a full and free translation service for patients is available in English, French, German, Italian and Scandinavian languages. The GP and specialist services will also help you if you are suffering from tiredness, insomnia, weight problems, constipation, stomach pain, allergies, shortness of breath, cough, joint and muscle aches or relationship and sexual problems. The motto that Adolfo and his colleagues work to is, “we only work to care for you”. Your health is the most important thing in your life and affects everything else you do. It’s worth taking care of to the best of your capacity.

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Doctor Adolfo Peraza 
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