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The people who make a difference in the Canary Islands
   The people who make a difference in the Canary Islands

Dr Carlos Viru
Essentially you
Island Connections would like to welcome on board our contributors panel, Dr Carlos Viru, a fully qualified aesthetic doctor who completed his training with a Master’s Degree in Cordoba.

Look better but maintain your essence
Look better but maintain your essence

10.05.2012 - Together with his wife, who is a qualified dentist, he has opened a new clinic for medical aesthetic treatments within the walls of the Aqua Club Termal in Torviscal Alto, offering botox, varicose veins treatment, radiofrequency, Hyaluronic acid refills, peelings, teeth whitening, mesotherapy and more. Doctor Carlos has chosen his venue in the south well. What he would like is for you, his future clients, to write to him and ask him about the treatments available and what each of them can achieve. He is very hot on using all the new technology and new treatments that are available and has a wonderful computer program where a photograph is taken of you and you can see on a large screen, exactly how each treatment could improve you. In addition a top cosmetic surgeon will be available for those patients who desire or require surgical intervention, a specialist who will fly in from the Spanish mainland specifically to attend Doctor Carlos’ patients. “I want to offer quality and the only way I can do that is by having the best people around me,” he explained adding, “we want people here to have the best treatments and the new treatments, not just see them on Internet or to have to fly to the Spanish mainland for attention, they can have it here. We have the best quality professionals here to attend to them.” He underlines that he is not out to get rich quick, he will make the treatments as financially accessible to as many people as he can, what he is looking for is to build up a portfolio of satisfied customers who will be with him for years, with the emphasis on improvements that retain the essential you, your essence. “We want people to see you and say ‘hey, you look good.’ It shouldn’t be obvious that you have had treatment, just that you look better, younger. In the end, what aesthetic medicine gives you is that little bit more self confidence and improves your self image. Doctor Carlos and his staff speak Spanish, English, Polish and Russian.

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Look better but maintain your essence 
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