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The people who make a difference in the Canary Islands
   The people who make a difference in the Canary Islands

Barbaric beating
Animal cruelty case
One of the latest cases of animal cruelty took place in Los Realejos where a female dog was found severely injured in a metal barrel.

28.07.2013 -

She was in a state of severe neglect, had been beaten and her skull split in two.  Local police were called in to rescue the dog, which was still conscious, and she was taken to a vet to be treated for the head trauma and conditions such as rapid heartbeat, hypothermia and loss of coordination and other stroke-like symptoms.

Luna, as she has since been called, is now being fostered and visited daily by canine psychologist Maria Perez Vivas to help her recover from the terrible toll her treatment has taken.  Though extremely nervous, she is learning to walk again and has shown an incredible will to live.

The animal charity Proteanimaloy has taken up Lunas case, and an official request for an investigation has been lodged with the courts in La Orotava thanks to the charitable support of lawyer Sandra Barrera Vinent.

Lunas plight has caught the imagination of animal lovers across Tenerife and many fundraisers for her care have already taken place.  

Visit: for more information on the Todos, Somos Luna campaign.

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