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Book review
Double Ex
A fast-paced comedy by Lee Daniel Bullen about two heartbroken friends who pursue lookalikes of their exes but dramatically fall into a soul-stirring love affair.

01.09.2014 -

Nick and Lucy forge an unlikely alliance after they discover their craving for dead-ringers of lost loves and help each other meet eligible suitors on London’s dating scene.  Trouble looms when friends and siblings grow concerned at their obsessive lust for chasing memories, and with problems mounting around their intensifying relationship they soon find their journey takes some heart-stopping turns.

Nick’s best friend, Konrad, is nursing an aching heart of his own but befriends the beleaguered celebrity Corsica Coleman following a fateful encounter that would shape their very future.  Together they launch a series of high-profile events that will halt plans to develop an area of London heathland, derail a tyrannical tycoon, and alter everyone’s lives beyond imagination.

Double Ex, a hilarious and disturbingly-relatable romance about love, friendship and obsession, is the latest offering from Lee and the first fiction novel he has written.  His previous and very successful novel Beset: The Pursuit of Happiness in Times of Crisis was more autobiographical.  “Beset was a personal book that covered a period in my life where I could easily have been crushed by a series of events – and very nearly was – but somehow came out the other side with a higher appreciation of love, family and connection in all things.  Writing it was a big help to finding that understanding and fortunately it struck a chord with others experiencing hard times in recent years.”  Of Double Ex he told us, “I wanted to tell a boy-meets-girl story in a different way. It’s about two broken-hearted strangers who form an unlikely friendship when they discover they pursue lookalikes of their exes.  It’s something I’ve found myself doing; seeking women similar to someone I missed at the time… I thought it was a good premise for a romantic comedy.”

Double Ex is a must-read for anyone who loves a good romantic romp!

Available paperback and eBook format from Amazon from August 22.


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