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Spotlight on... Yolanda Mediavilla Capilla
Modern art by a contemporary spirit
Spanish painter and designer, Yolanda Mediavilla Capilla, has won numerous international prizes and competitions, held exhibitions across the globe and sold paintings to the Ghandi family in India and the Rotary Club in Milan, as well as a variety of prominent art collectors in the US.

Yolanda painting ‘Unione’ which was exhibited at t
Yolanda painting ‘Unione’ which was exhibited at t

23.04.2015 - Originally from Extremadura, Yolanda showed a natural instinct for art from a young age and experimented with colours and techniques from the beginning.  After school she studied at the National University of Caceres, and later the Caceres School of Fine Art, and the Open University of Catalonia.

She studied art forms as diverse as animation, film production, web design and ceramic painting, incorporating these styles and influences into her early work.  During this period Yolanda began to become aware of spirituality, the soul and metaphysics, and this has remained the central theme to all her work; exploring the connections between human evolution, energy and the spirit.  She expresses the relationship between life and death and transient reality, and covers a range of emotions relating to what it means to be human, using visual and spiritual metaphors.

Even at that early stage of her career she began being noticed and won various contests and awards.  A few of these include a winning advertising design for the Sadhana natural cosmetics brand in 2002; a campaign for sun awareness organised by the Spanish Health Department in 2004; ‘Arte en la Calle’, a major award here in Tenerife in 2006; and a winning design for a BMW campaign in Bavaria in the same year.  She won the OpenArt Prize following an exhibition at the Piazza del Popolo in Rome in 2007; an international prize for art at the Slovenský Rozhlas Gallery in Bratislava, and an international prize from the MIC Museum in Grottammare for her exhibition there in 2012.  In the same year Yolanda also won a competition at the Swatch World Museum in Milan, where her design was used in the production of a series of watches. 

She has also held exhibitions at galleries as renowned as the Serpentine in London, the Antiquariat in Barcelona, the Fundación FRAX in Valencia, and at many of Italy’s most established galleries, where she lived for six years.

In 2008 Yolanda met Tara Ghandi, the granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi, the famous leader of the Indian independence movement, at one of her exhibitions when she bought a painting called ‘Conexión’ which is kept on permanent display at the Sarva Yoga International centre.

Nowadays Yolanda is passing her “new period” and doesn’t use traditional paints, such as oil or acrylic, instead choosing to utilise only natural materials such as quartz crystal, volcanic ash, pumice, mica and gypsum, which she forms into paintable substances.  Since 2008 she decided to paint only using neutral colours because, “colour doesn’t really exist; they’re our perceived interpretation of light through the eye’s retina” and she chose to transmit her expressions through non-colourful, natural means such as texture, material and shade.  She no longer uses brushes either, preferring to use her hands and a spatula, “I need to touch the material and put myself in contact with the image”, and paints on canvas, cloth, wood and recycled materials.

Since moving to Tenerife last year she has taken a break from the demands of city life and regularly touring with her exhibitions, and is focussing on producing a new collection.  “Tenerife is great for creating, but not so good for selling!” she said of her decision to be here; but as a mother of two she also considered her family’s wellbeing, believing that the “sea and clear skies make for the perfect environment to raise children and paint.” 

At the moment she is a permanently featured artist at the New Art Gallery in Barcelona, where her new collection will be included when completed.  The same collection will also be presented at the CAAM: Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in July.

For more information visit; find her on Facebook at: yolandamediavillacapilla, or email her directly:

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Yolanda painting ‘Unione’ which was exhibited at t 
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