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The people who make a difference in the Canary Islands
   The people who make a difference in the Canary Islands

Spotlight on... Eric Viana
Viana: His Rock Story
Eric Viana is a musician, producer and show impresario who as a band member supported groups as renowned as U2 and The Stranglers, and has brought to Tenerife shows as spectacular as RockStory, The History of Music and, currently, Circolandia.

Eric Viana promoting ‘Circolandia’
Eric Viana promoting ‘Circolandia’

10.05.2015 - RockStory, The History of Music and, currently, Circolandia.

Eric was born and raised in Portuguese Mozambique until the 1974 Carnation Revolution in Portugal and subsequent withdrawal from all African colonies when he was eight years old.  Due to safety concerns during this period of transition, he and his family left their sugarcane plantation and moved to Viana do Castelo in North Portugal where he spent his formative years, going on to study economics at university.  However, it was growing up on his father’s sugar plantation in Southeast Africa as a young boy when he first discovered his love for music.  Living among the natural splendour of the region, alive with elephants, antelopes and monkeys, Eric would often be found hammering away on his drum kit – a Christmas present when he was six years old – on a specially constructed stage on the grounds of the plantation.

Later, growing up in Portugal with two older sisters during the seventies and early-eighties, Eric was regularly exposed to the big progressive rock groups of the day such as Pink Floyd, Queen and Dire Straits.  He was drumming with bands from the age of 15; first with Iberica and later with Literal Pop, a group that went on to record and release material in their native country.  During this period they enjoyed considerable success and supported The Stranglers, The Waterboys, Yes, and U2 during their Portuguese tour dates, regularly playing to 40,000 plus crowds.

Eric suffered with chronic asthma during his childhood in Africa and Portugal, which made his love for football and hockey hard to participate in and meant that he needed a disciplined life when gigging and touring on the road.  Despite decades surrounded by musicians and working nights, Eric has never smoked, been drunk or tried drugs – something he’s particularly proud of, despite necessity playing its part.  However, during his honeymoon in Tenerife when he was 24 years old, Eric discovered that the Canarian air agreed with him immensely and he and his bride decided to move here immediately after their post-nuptial holiday.  In the years since being based on the island, he has never had a problem.

During his time drumming with bands in Portugal, Eric also learned keyboards and vocals, and found the Tenerife circuit of the early 90’s very exciting.  “It wasn’t uncommon to see bands playing outside at two or three in the morning!  Great live music was everywhere, and for a musician like me it was heaven.”  He performed a solo show in restaurants and hotels for over five years before starting his own agency in 1997, and in the same month of that year both Viana Shows was born as well as Eric, his first child.  The very first singer Viana Shows signed was a Michael Jackson tribute act that Eric had seen performing on the street, and soon afterwards he signed Spellbound, a magic routine that was very popular on the circuit and went on to perform on cruise ships and various international shows.

Viana Shows continues to represent individual acts, excellent bar and hotel shows, tribute acts, and cruise entertainment.  However, alongside this enterprise, Eric has also setup the production company, Creventy.   This organisation is comprised of a team of creative professionals with vast experience in events and hospitality, big show production, image consultation, marketing and promotion.  Creventy is distinct in that it brings to Tenerife larger shows and productions from outside of the Canaries, such as the recent Las Vegas hit Elvis: by Greg Miller and The Jailhouse Band.  They have also produced the long-running shows RockStory and The History of Music that featured at the Magma Arts & Congress Centre and Infanta Leonor Auditorium in the south of Tenerife. 

Creventy’s first ever production was the successful Pink Floyd tribute act the Pink Wall Show which ran at Pleasure Island in Las Américas during 2008, and their current extravaganza is Circolandia, an artistic journey packed with music, rhythm and humour.  The show is aimed at entertaining children and transports the whole family to a captivating world of clowns, acrobats and magicians.  The next performances will be held at the Infanta Leonor Auditorium in Los Cristianos on May 10 and June 7, and subsequently every Sunday throughout July.

For each production Eric dedicates all his time and energy into every facet of the show – from producing and directing, to organising the lighting and visual effects, to compiling and editing the videos, to designing the publicity material – and, incredibly, he also finds time to preside as vice-president of FAST (Foro de Amigos del Sur de Tenerife), who have raised over €200,000 for local charities, as well as coordinate CEST (Círculo de Empresarios y Profesionales del Sur de Tenerife).  He is also a Rotary International member, the 2015 recipient of the Diario de Avisos award for Cultural Contribution to Tenerife, and a proud father and family man.  For more information on Eric, Creventy and the current Circolandia show, visit

Gallery: Viana: His Rock Story
Eric Viana promoting ‘Circolandia’ 
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