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   News from the financial sectors in Spain and the Canary Islands

Línea Directa promotion
The best company for expatriates at the best price
Since 1998, Línea Directa, the market leader in the sale of direct car, motorbike and home insurance in Spain, has offered an exclusive telephone service entirely in English and German.

16.03.2014 - This service, the first of its kind in Spain, forms part of the company’s commitment to quality and excellence, which have also made it the market leader in this business sector, due to the fact that it currently has over 63,000 foreign customers residing in Spain. 

As a result, services such as purchasing a policy, making enquiries, processing claims, sending documents and 24-hour assistance can all be carried out in English or German at a time which is convenient for the customer by making just one phone call.  

And not only does Línea Directa offer the best, it also offers its services at the most competitive price on the market.  It does this in two ways:

- Price personalisation: behind each quote there is a sales professional who, via a quick questionnaire, will search for the best product and conditions to suit the customer’s personal requirements and will assess him or her according to their individual circumstances.  

- Maximum competitiveness: still at the best price, this month Línea Directa is making Expats an exclusive 12x11 offer, which allows them to enjoy one year of insurance for the price of 11 months.  And what’s more, if the person requesting this offer already has another car insurance policy with Línea Directa, then the offer will be 12x10, which is to say two months’ free cover.     

This is the result of a strategy which is permanently geared towards offering customers the very best quality at the very best price.

Call now:  902 123 104.

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