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News from the financial sectors in Spain and the Canary Islands
   News from the financial sectors in Spain and the Canary Islands

Property market
House sales increase
The Spanish property market continued to decline in Spain last year except in the Canaries, which were the only part of the country to record an improvement in sales.

31.03.2014 - While the rest of the regions saw an overall average drop of 17 per  cent in sales compared to the previous year (the figure for Asturias being a massive 37 per cent down), the islands posted an increase of nearly two per cent, continuing the upward trend recorded in 2012, according to the latest government figures.

Among the interesting facts to emerge from the newly-released statistics, it has emerged that foreign buyers accounted for a full 36 per cent of all property sales in the Canaries last year, twice the figure seen in Spain as a whole.  Despite the welcome improvement, which experts attribute to the current attractive prices and growing confidence in an economic recovery here, property sales remain well below the pre-recession levels and are 39 per cent down on 2008.

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