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   News from the financial sectors in Spain and the Canary Islands

Puerto protest
Dearer than Marbella!
Businesses in the Zona Centro of Puerto de la Cruz are taking the council to court over charges which they claim are excessive and erroneous.

27.04.2014 - The business association, made up of 110 companies, claim that the charge for using the public highway – putting out goods, tables etc on pavements outside their businesses – was increased up to three times last year’s amount or more without notification and negotiation with the council having failed, they are going to court.

The lawyer for the association José Luis Langa González claimed that some companies which paid around €2,500 last year are now facing demands for €11,000, which will surely ruin them.

The businesses claim that the move is simply to get more funds into the council coffers and that instead of counting and charging by the number of tables etc in use, they are charging by the square metre, “which means that we are paying public area occupation charges much higher than boroughs like Arona, Adeje or Marbella”.

In addition to the legal moves, the businesses are planning a series of protests, starting with a one-day closure.

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