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   News from the financial sectors in Spain and the Canary Islands

Spanish tax
Asking for your rough draft tax return
If you pay taxes in Spain, the may be one of the many people who are due a tax rebate.

10.05.2014 - The easiest way the check this is to ask for a rough draft tax return from the tax office (borrador).  You can request this in the tax office, by phone, or via the rather comprehensive AEAT web.  It is not, nor does it claim to be a fully comprehensive document and is intended as a mere guide.  You can ask for it any time up to the end of June.

If you decide to go in person, you will be asked for the amount that appeared in box 698 of last year’s tax declaration and for sight of your Spanish identity document, NIE or DNI.  It might be a good idea to take last year’s document with you.  There is an automatic 24 hour service on 901 121 224 to make your request, or if you wish to speak to an operator, call 902 200 345 between 9am and 9pm, Monday to Friday.  You will need the number of your Spanish ID and the amount in box 620 of last year’s return.  Internet is the fastest way and again you will need your ID number and the amount of box 620.  If you didn’t make a declaration or the amount in 620 was 0, you will be asked for your bank account number.  With this information and a mobile number, they will send you a reference number that you can use to access the data.

The draft is not suitable for everyone, if for example you are carrying forward a negative tax balance from another year or can claim double tax treaty returns for foreign investments or income. 

Check that the address and land registry information is correct.  Include any payments made to unions or charities.  There may be changes in your personal circumstances, widowhood, a separation or the right to maternity relief.  Remember to include payments made to pensions’ plans.  All of the above will reduce your net tax liability.  There are also reductions available for those paying rent – but you will be asked for full information of your landlord or landlady to make sure they are declaring the income.  Those who purchased their home before the cut off date will also be entitled to reductions for mortgage payments and recent buyers may also be entitled to include some of the costs of purchasing, legal fees, surveyor etc.  The various regions also have additional reductions which may apply to you.

If you are not sure on any point, ask a tax advisor.


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