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Church fundraising
Tombstone teas
It would probably take some doing but, given the mounting criticism from certain political quarters that it should pay its way and lose its tax privileges, the traditionally conservative Catholic Church here might want to follow the example of a historic southern England parish and raise funds in ways other than the traditional plate collection.

14.09.2014 - St Nicholas’ Church in the town of Arundel on the West Sussex coast may date back to the 13th century but it showed in late August that it is prepared to move with the times and open up to innovative ideas to help pay for its upkeep.  During the town’s popular summer Festival which ended on August 24, the church decided to offer visitors a place to get away from the bustle of the big event and enjoy a relaxing coffee, cream tea and even a beer in the quietest of surroundings, within feet of the graveyard in its own grounds.  For those less enthusiastic about contemplating headstones as a backdrop to their cuppa and cake, the church set up tables in the aisles of the old pews and the idea was a great success, not least because the refreshments on offer were considerably cheaper than in standard bar and cafés.  Some visitors were visibly confused by the sight of people supping and chatting in the sacred grounds but the organisers are convinced that such initiatives play a very important part in the church’s outreach activities to bring it closer to the community.  

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