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News from the financial sectors in Spain and the Canary Islands
   News from the financial sectors in Spain and the Canary Islands

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Learning for life
La Laguna University has been challenged by a top Tenerife business leader to rethink its courses to train students for the, “Real world” of employment.

Are our graduates unemployable?
Are our graduates unemployable?

25.10.2014 - The call comes from the newly re-elected head of the Tenerife Employers’ Federation (CEOE), José Carlos Francisco, who questioned the wisdom of keeping university staff in jobs to teach courses for which there is no labour market demand.  “I sometimes wonder if it even measures the employability of the graduates it produces.  If I were the University I would be asking how many graduates are in work a year after leaving.  Until the way university performance is measured changes, the situation will not improve,” said former finance minister Francisco, who also criticised the excessive number of public sector workers in the Canaries.  The CEOE boss also slammed the current income tax system for punishing middle and high earners disproportionately.  “Higher earners not only pay more tax, they pay much more.  So-called progressive tax systems need to be careful not to penalise them too heavily.  Remember, these are the people that spend more eating out in restaurants and on clothes.  We would do well to remember that when Sweden raised its taxes many opted to work part-time to avoid paying too much.  The welfare state approach causes people to lose the incentive to work,” said Francisco in an interview in the Diario de Avisos newspaper. 

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Are our graduates unemployable?  
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