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   News from the financial sectors in Spain and the Canary Islands

No kids' pressure
Following reports of inflammatory remarks by a senior female businesswoman reported here last issue, it emerges that a woman was 'encouraged' at a job interview to promise not to go on maternity leave.

18.11.2014 -

Spain's Airport Authority (AENA) is in the news after it was revealed that the interview panel for a post at Tenerife North probed a candidate's family circumstances and dropped more than a strong hint that the woman, who had flown in from the mainland to be interviewed, would only get the job if she promised not to have more children.  The post was eventually given to another female candidate, who told the panel she had no partner or children, and the decision subsequently prompted an investigation by the Department of Employment, which took action against AENA for discrimination.  Judges ruled that AENA had acted illegally and upheld a recommendation that the woman should be compensated for the discrimination.  "The fact that they chose another female candidate does not mean that gender discrimination was not involved.  The victim was penalised for her status as a mother," the court said.  The case dates back to a selection procedure in Tenerife North in 2009. 

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