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Obama advisor in Adeje
An advisor to US president Barack Obama is to take part in this year's Adeje summer school.

Juan Verde and Barack Obama
Juan Verde and Barack Obama

Adeje Universidad de Verano - 15.07.2010 -

Juan Verde, who is from the Telde, in Gran Canaria, but has made a career for himself in political circles in Washington, will give a talk on environmental protection during the second week of the university's fortnight of seminars (26-30 July).  Verde advises Obama on EU affairs, particularly matters relating to the environment and biodiversity. He has had close contact with other Democratic presidents, having worked in Washington during the Clinton years, as well as liaising closely with Al Gore as part of his green team following heightened awareness of environmental issues on a global scale after the success of the film, An Inconvenient Truth. He also heads up the Spanish branch of the Gore initiative, The Climate Project.

Speaking on a similar theme last year in La Gomera, Verde said, there are many people who believe that sustainability or the fight against climate change is a luxury and frankly I believe that they are completely the first place, without a world, a planet, there's no economy.  This is a time of possibilities.  In the Chinese culture the word 'crisis' is made up of two symbols, the one for danger and the one for opportunity.  That's the kind of thinking we need to adopt

Juan Verde is the second high-profile name to figure in this year's programme, in Adeje which kicked off formally with an opening lecture by Spain's most famous judge Baltasar Garzn on 17 July.

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Juan Verde and Barack Obama 
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