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Reviews and test drives
   Reviews and test drives

Renault Laguna
Driving pleasure, peace of mind
The new Renault Laguna was built in Sandouville in France using quality materials and leading technology.

New Laguna’s refined lines have been carefully crafted to create a dynamic, fluid design that effortlessly underpins the model’s status as a truly great car. In keeping with Renault’s philosophy the new Renault Laguna is robust yet elegant, and offers a quality product that will guarantee driving pleasure thanks to its impeccable handling and broad range of powertrain packages.

24.11.2007 - One of the chief pledges of the Renault Commitment 2009 plan concerned New Laguna directly, namely the target for the new model to rank among the top three cars in its segment in terms of product and service quality. In addition to the more stringent design and production processes that have been put into place, more than 120 New Lagunas were subjected to the equivalent of six million kilometres of testing in the most gruelling climatic and road conditions imaginable.

New Laguna’s responsive chassis stands out as one of the best on the market in terms of both steering precision and control of cornering roll thanks essentially to the new model’s closer-ratio steering and uprated suspension. Significant work has also gone into the tuning of its damping performance to ensure even greater driving pleasure and comfort.  Its road performance is top class, leaving other models on the starting line while it retains a compact size and excellent petrol:mileage ratio.

Safety of driver and passengers has been given top priority and Renault’s new safety features are based on experience and accident statistics.  Equipment includes an exclusive new-generation double lateral airbag (thorax + pelvis) which is based on a twin-chamber, dual pressure system triggered by two sensors located in the front door and B-pillar.  New Laguna’s brakes are amongst the most fade-resistant on the market. 

Even greater driving pleasure and comfort

Thanks to even better control and technology, the temperature and air conditioning in the new Laguna is perfect, and in addition to its finely-tuned suspension, New Laguna offers a degree of acoustic comfort that sets new standards in its segment, thanks notably to more effective soundproofing between the engine compartment and cabin. A crucial component of performance and customer satisfaction, quality at Renault is an area where progress is vital. To honour its commitment to quality, the Renault Excellence Plan (PER) seeks to take quality into the heart of the company’s processes and to set new standards. The plan comprises five strands, applied company-wide: design robust vehicles; manufacture compliant vehicles; increase reliability for all types of use; ensure sales and aftersales quality and instill a culture of quality at the company. The plan was rolled out across all the functions and applies to every product in every market where Renault operates. These efforts are starting to pay off: their  vehicles are increasingly reliable, and the most recent models, like the new Renault Clio 3 and Renault Modus, have achieved very satisfying results right from launch.

As Carlos Ghosn, Renault CEO, announced it is important to integrate the PER into every aspect of the Renault network, with the aim being to offer every Renault client a positive experience each time they are dealing with one of the network of Renault representatives.  “Visiting our dealerships must become a pleasant experience. Concretely, when customers walk in the door, they must enter another world, and feel listened to and looked after by professional staff. They must be fully satisfied with all the services delivered. That is the goal of PER4”, he said.  The new Renault Laguna was launched here in Tenerife recently at Renault Comercial Igara, where details of the PER were also announced. 

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