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Reviews and test drives
   Reviews and test drives

The new Mercedes C-Class Estate
The C-Class Estate,known as the Familiar here in Spain, elevates the family car to yet higher levels of luxury and appeal. It boasts a stunning and dynamic new look, breathtaking performance, cutting-edge technology and traditional elegance. It also has the highest levels of comfort and safety ever.

22.12.2007 - A powerful and dynamic presence the C-Class Estate is an impressive sight. The sporty theme is heightened by the front apron and reinforced by the layout of the high-brilliance rear light clusters and waistline trim strips. Meanwhile, clear light lenses and more eye-catching wheel designs lend this car a youthful exuberance.  On the C-Class Estate both ABS and BAS come as standard. In 1970, Mercedes were the first to pioneer Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS). By preventing wheels from locking while you brake, you have crucial time to steer clear of any collision whilst also minimising your stopping distance. Brake Assist (BAS) helps to considerably reduce stopping distances.

A powerful and dynamic presence the C-Class Estate is an impressive sight

Improvements to the front and rear suspension now mean even greater dynamism and handling (theyve done this by thickening the torsion bars and redesigning the front torque strut mount and the rear spring link mount). The result is superb road holding and an even smoother ride.  The optional, lower sports suspension, with firmer springing and damping, provides an even sportier appearance and the handling to match.   The C-Class Estate safely envelopes its occupants with a rigid, sturdy passenger cell consisting of reinforced side panels, cross-members on the floor, tunnel reinforcements and high-strength sheet steel. In the most stringent testing conditions, the passenger compartment is barely deformed, let alone penetrated. The Mercedes Estate comes in various petrol and diesel models. Test drive the new Mercedes at  your nearest Rahn dealer in Tenerife

Nitrogen tyres

Tried and tested

After reading publicity about filling tyres with nitrogen instead of air, Island Connections decided to put it to the test. We used nitrogen to inflate the tyres of our most out and about journalist to see how much difference it made.  To inflate the four tyres of her SUV cost us 14.8 euros and we found that the tyres lasted over 22 per cent longer, some 6,300 kilometres more.  At a cost of 172 euros, the saving was over 37 euros, making a net saving over the life of the tyres of 23 euros.

Those who provide nitrogen inflation also claim that it reduces the petrol consumption and  rusting of the wheel base, gives better road holding and braking, avoids blow outs and reduces the stress on the car frame. 

If you do have a flat tyre, you can top up with air and then reinflate with nitrogen later.  Motor bike tyre inflation costs 2.40 per tyre, car 3.70 and vans 4.75. 

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