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Reviews and test drives
   Reviews and test drives

Far from the madding crowd
By approaching in style and leaving the competition standing, the Mini Clubman will take you far from the crowd. This eye-catching upstart is for those who get a kick from individual character and radical design. Its higher rear and longer wheelbase subtly stretch the classic Mini lines, and its innovative door configuration ensures dramatic entrances and slick exits.

Las Chafiras - 11.02.2008 - The result of some typical Mini design vision, the Mini Cooper Clubman is far from anonymous. It shapes up to the challenge with a unique silhouette: a clever evolution that keeps it top of the form. The passenger-easing Clubdoor adds to the intrigue, providing a two-lane expressway to the back seat, and its distinctive rear Splitdoor means it carries all the gear you can throw at it.

The unique Splitdoor with prominent chrome handle and twin wipers opens wide to offer generous access to the luggage compartment. When closed, it perfectly encases the body-mounted tail lights.

A chip off the old block, yet as fresh as ever: the stylish chrome grille, powerful stance and elliptical headlights make up the familiar front.  Subtly integrated into the right-hand side of the Mini Clubman, the distinctive Clubdoor ensures tangle-free access to the rear seats as well as a sleek exterior profile when closed.

A chip off the old block, yet as fresh as ever

The chrome-plated exhaust pipe finisher on the Mini Cooper Clubman enhances the muscular look.

Forceful contours underline the striking profile and aerodynamic nature of the Mini Clubman. The undulating roof rises smoothly to peak above the B-pillar in the middle, with a prominent third brake light at the rear.  Reach for the sky with the generously dimensioned panoramic sunroof, with a tilt function for both front and back glass panels. Available as an option for all Mini Clubman models.

The fully variable valve-timed engine delivers 120 hp and a top speed of 125 mph, accelerating from 0-62 in 9.8 seconds. Auto Start/Stop function (manual gearbox only) powers down the engine to save fuel whenever it can. Brake Energy Regeneration uses braking to charge the battery.  Fuel consumption combined 51.4 mpg CO2 emissions 132 g/km. 

Theres customisation galore on offer for the Mini Cooper Clubman dashboard, with a range of steering wheels, fascias and colour lines as well as entertainment and navigation functions available.

Its not just the powerful engine that makes the Mini Cooper Clubman a thrill to drive. With a slightly longer wheelbase, low centre of gravity and limited overhang, the famous Mini go-kart handling is alive and kicking. This is enhanced by the multi-link rear suspension which keeps the wheels on the road at all times, so you can really put your Mini through its paces.

For More Information visit Canaauto in Las Chafiras or in Ctra. general - Las Galletas Km - 0,4.

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