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Reviews and test drives
   Reviews and test drives

Honda Civic Hybrid combines a petrol engine with an electric battery
The new Honda Civic Hybrid
Honda is proud to introduce the second generation Civic Hybrid which combines a petrol engine with an electric battery.

In some petrol/electric cars, the battery eats up some of the boot space, but because the Civic Hybrid’s battery is 13 per cent smaller than before, you still have 350 litres of storage space. What’s more, the compact 1.3 litre engine design means more room for you inside the car. The Civic Hybrid emits only 109 g/km of carbon dioxide and consumes on average 4.6 litres per 100km. You get economy plus that boost to acceleration that you would expect from a bigger engine. The Honda Civic Hybrid is equipped with CVT transmission, which is especially smooth in operation and optimises the qualities of the IMA system which incorporates the two engines, one petrol and the other electric.

The latest technology & the environment live side by side in harmony
The latest technology & the environment live side by side in harmony

Las Chafiras - 27.05.2008 - With class and presence on the road and an almost sporty look, it takes you into an era where the latest technology and the environment live side by side in harmony.

Inside, the unique dual zone dashboard with backlit instrument panel keeps you constantly informed during your journey. The major instruments are in the centre with less important information around the edge. The cabin has been ergonomically designed with comfort and functionality in mind. It has plenty of leg, head and elbow room, leather upholstery and lots of storage spaces including a coin pocket, front and rear cup-holders, seat back pockets, front doorbins and a storage compartment beneath the stereo. Other equipment includes automatic climate control, alloy wheels, six CD audio system, on-board computer and speed regulator. The Civic Hybrid’s small three-spoke multifunctional adjustable steering column incorporates the speed regulator and audio system controls and allows a clear view of the instrument panel. Externally, the spoilers reduce wind noise and improve efficiency as well as looking good. Entry is keyless and all mirrors, bumpers and handles are body coloured . The steel shell absorbs impacts in the case of an accident, protecting passengers as well as pedestrians, and the vehicle is equipped with fog lights, child seats with ISOfix mountings, pre-tensioned seatbelts, front and side airbags and active headrests which protect the head and neck in the event of a rear end impact.

The Honda Civic Hybrid comes with assisted brakes, ABS, EBD (electronic brake force distribution), HBA (hydraulic braking assist), and VSA (stability and traction control) which senses when a wheel has lost its grip on cornering or accelerating, and applies brakes to that wheel until it regains its grip.

All in all, this is a stylish and comfortable vehicle which is economical to run yet still has plenty of acceleration. It comes reasonably priced and it’s kind to the environment as well. What more could you ask?

For more information or for a test drive, visit Aucasa, the official Honda distributor for Tenerife in Avenida 7 Islas Canarias s/n, on the San Miguel side of the Las Chafiras Industrial Estate, call 922 735 863 or visit

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The latest technology & the environment live side by side in harmony  The latest technology & the environment live side by side in harmony 
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