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Reviews and test drives
   Reviews and test drives

Stay within the law
Renew your driving licence
Since January 19, 2013, residents in Spain have to comply with the country’s traffic regulations, meaning that all drivers will have to undertake regular examinations to renew their licence.

31.03.2014 - But what does this actually entail?  First you will have to find one of the centres registered to undertake those tests: known as ‘Centros de reconocimiento’.  We visited the one based in the Valdes Centre, Los Cristianos, South Tenerife, to see how it was done.   

First of all there were a couple of simple forms to fill in and sign, then we were taken through to visit the doctor for a basic medical.

Then there was a questionnaire on health matters which was followed by a couple of eye tests.  The first was the test you have at the opticians where you read progressively smaller rows of letters.  The second was to check for colourblindness.  If you wear glasses you will need to take them for the tests.  You will then be asked to sit in a small room and be passed a button which must be pressed every time you hear a beep, which are delivered in various pitches.

Then it is off to see the psychologist who will ask you a series of questions on your mental and emotional health.  Finally you will sit before a screen which shows two moving lines.  Using both hands simultaneously you will have to attempt to maintain two central markers within the boundaries of the lines as they independently move and change their positions, mimicking the curves of a road.

The majority of centres will now also process your results and renewal application through the Department of Transport (Tráfico) saving you a trip to your capital city.

See: for the centre we visited or do a search by island to find one near you.  


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