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Time to save lives
The new European eCall initiative aims to bring rapid assistance to motorists involved in a serious crash.

29.04.2014 - The eCall system automatically alerts the nearest emergency centre when a vehicle is involved in a collision, reducing call-out times and thus the number of deaths and lasting effects from severe injuries.

A 112 emergency call is made via the car as soon as onboard sensors detect a serious accident.  Then using satellite position and mobile telephone location technology an accurate position of the accident scene can be worked out and a call is then transmitted to the nearest emergency call centre.  An operator will then try to talk with the driver or passengers of the vehicle.  If no one is able to speak, in the case of serious injury for example, the call centre will already have received a minimum data pack, which will include location, direction of travel and vehicle type, and the emergency services can be sent out immediately. 

By pushing a dedicated button any car occupant can also make an eCall manually to receive exactly the same benefits.

It is hoped that the quicker response times will save hundreds of lives in the European Union every year.  It is also expected that the severity of injuries will be considerably reduced in possibly tens of thousands of cases.

The aim is to have the system up and running throughout Europe by 2015, with all new cars having to be fitted with eCall from then on in.


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