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Locals’ rallying cry
Tenerife’s annual car rally may bring delight to thousands of motoring fans but for residents of a picturesque spot on the island it brings nothing but misery.

Rally cars keeping the locals awake
Rally cars keeping the locals awake

09.11.2014 - People living in villages in the Anaga mountains in the north-eastern tip of Tenerife say their winding country roads became a no-go area on the days leading up to the late October event due to the practice runs for the rally.

“The place is invaded by souped-up cars which try out their engines late at night on our roads.  Although time limits are placed on the practice runs, they are ignored and we have to put up with the noise of screaming engines late into the night.  They drive so fast that someone is going to get killed,” said residents’ representative, Fulgencio Ramos.

Locals say they have nothing against the holding of a key stage in their area but want much stricter control over the presence on other days due to the dangers they pose for residents and tourists.

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Rally cars keeping the locals awake 
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