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Reviews and test drives
   Reviews and test drives

What do Mariah Carey and brown bears have in common?
Singer Mariah Carey may not know it, but she plays a crucial role in the development of every Nissan Crossover - as do a brown bear and a selection of cups and bottles from around the world.

The Nissan Crossover range – thoroughly tested
The Nissan Crossover range – thoroughly tested

20.10.2015 - For the first time ever, Crossover market leader Nissan has revealed the extreme measures it uses to test its new cars.  The rigorous engineering approach aims to replicate the real life and sometimes arduous usage that the vehicles experience in everyday situations.   Since the first Crossover was conceived in 2007, Nissan has conducted more than 150,000 tests across the range, including:

Using special robots to open and close the windows at least 30,000 times per model, while using specific volcanic dust imported from Japan to test against scratching and ensure durable functioning of the electric window mechanism.  Plus, activating the windscreen wipers for 480 hours at different speeds and settings, as well as in simulated varied weather conditions; and deploying the indicators right and left 2.25 million times on every model.   

And the bear, bottles, cups and singer?   Checks also include playing the stereo at high volume for a total of 1,200 days using specifically selected music to encompass the widest range of pitch and beat.  Tracks include Mariah Carey for the high notes and the thumping bass of German House music.  

A host of different cups, bottles and containers are used to check the usefulness of the cup holders and door pockets, and weights are also dropped on the glass roof to ensure it can withstand the weight of a brown bear climbing on the car!

Engineers and their ingenious robot helpers have also opened the bonnets of its Crossovers collectively more than 48,000 times and the doors an astounding 1.2 million times.  This may seem extreme, but it has to exceed the anticipated usage of these parts by customers during the cars' lifetime.

For the interior design, over twenty driver seat variations have been evaluated and tested for comfort over 300 times, with the interior finishes tested against tricky every-day stains such as chocolate and oil, lipstick, hair gel and coffee.

David Moss, Senior Vice-President at Nissan Europe Technical Centre said "Some of the devices we have created and instruments we use might make us look like mad inventors.”  But the dedication is evidently paying off:  Last year, Nissan Crossover sales exceeded 400,000 in Europe, delivering a combined market share of 12.7 per cent.  

Gallery: What do Mariah Carey and brown bears have in common?
The Nissan Crossover range – thoroughly tested 
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