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   Reviews, recipes and news from the grapevine

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The St. Patricks Celebration is without a doubt, one of the best
Restaurant ReviewsChayofa - 21.04.2008 - Lee and I never miss the St. Patricks night celebrations which are held every year at La Estancia restaurant at Chayofa.

Readers of this column are aware that this has always been one of my favourite restaurants on the island. There isnt a more beautifully designed eatery and for many years one of our favourite chefs, Pascal, orchestrated great meals from the kitchen. I have never heard, in all my years on this island, a detrimental remark made about La Estancia. more...
Restaurant Reviews10.04.2008 - Recently, my dear friend, Big Phil, invited me and my mate George to a restaurant that he had heard highly praised in Cabo Blanco. I am always pleased when somebody recommends a restaurant from outside my manor (that is south of Watford for my usual area!) and Big Phil not only being a really great friend of mine for many years but also certainly knows about the gastronomic delights and the quality of good food and wines, especially wines.
For those who enjoy typical Spanish cuisine, the Mesn Castellano will be a gastronomic dream come true.
Restaurant ReviewsPlaya de Las Amricas - 10.04.2008 - Owner Manolo Martn, spends an inordinate amount of time and skill searching out the best and freshest of ingredients and preparing specialities that you would normally only find in the centre of the Spanish peninsula. As soon as you enter the welcoming atmosphere of the restaurant you are struck by its truly Spanish identity, all the rooms are decorated with authentic Spanish touches such as original trophies from traditional bullfights. The Serrano hams not only add to the dcor, but also to the wealth of appetising aromas which assail your senses to beguile the spirit and stimulate your appetite as you walk through the door.
The chefs prepare the fresh fish right in front of your eyes
Restaurant ReviewsPlaya San Juan - 30.03.2008 - You will all be very happy to know that last week was a marvellous week for me; my football team, Tottenham, the best in Europe, won the magnificent Carling Cup, the sun was shining and I witnessed someone I didnt like trip up in the street!
Best restaurants
Restaurant Reviews30.03.2008 - Regional tourism minister Rita Martn was recently in Valle Gran Rey to make awards to eleven local restaurants. Together with mayor Esteban Bethencourt and Jaime del Busto, head of HECANSA, the hotel and catering trades training body, she announced the names of the prize-winning establishments.
Glasgow chef Crawford Campbell has built up something of a reputation amongst regular diners as well as out and out gastronomes in the South.
Restaurant Reviews30.03.2008 - Since this award winning chef opened Crawfords restaurant in Las Amricas, dining there has become something of a treat for residents and visitors alike. Top class food prepared by an experienced chef in exquisite surroundings with five star service.
(l-r) Danny and Alec, hoping to make you one of the Goodfellas gang
Restaurant ReviewsLos Cristianos - 30.03.2008 - Theres something special about walking into somewhere the staff and owners look genuinely delighted to see you and happy to be where they are but thats what youll find at Goodfellas in the Dinasta complex in Los Cristianos next to the Paradise Park.
Great Italian food in a great Italian restaurant
Restaurant ReviewsPlaya de Las Americas - 23.03.2008 - Just before Christmas I wrote about a very exciting chic Italian restaurant which had opened on a superb huge frontline terraced area and enjoyed fantastic sea views at the Salytien Centre in Playa de Las Americas.
Healthier, tastier, lyter
Restaurant ReviewsFaab - Costa Adeje - 23.03.2008 - Mayling opened her Lyte Caf Bar at the Aquamall on the Avenida Mosc in Faabe just nine months ago and it immediately became the hub for the fit and friendly to hang out.

As a trained nutritional advisor, certified personal trainer and ex model and stuntwoman for the Hong Kong film industrys martial arts productions, she knows all about the benefits of following a correct eating programme and the pitfalls we can all fall into or avoid if we have the right advice. Lyte is Maylings proposal for a healthier alternative of Fit Fast Food. more...
There is a huge buffet selection for starters, main course and desserts
Restaurant ReviewsLos Cristianos - 01.03.2008 - Think of every one of your favourite styles of Asian cooking, add in a dash of Iberian know-how, combine them with the finest of fresh meat, fish and shellfish and you will begin to have an idea of the marvellous variety on offer at the Restaurante Wok International.
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