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   Reviews, recipes and news from the grapevine

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From the beginning Jazzissimo has presented top artists
Restaurant Reviews22.02.2008 - Although New Years Eve has gone I have to pass on the news of not only where we spent our New Years Eve but remind you again of what in my opinion is one of the most exciting venues for musical entertainment on this island.
Fantastic food for all the family
Restaurant ReviewsLas Amricas - 12.02.2008 - Restaurante Michelangelo first opened its doors in 1982 to an eager public, the creation of Vicente and Claudio, who between them had already garnered a wealth of gastronomic experience.
We both enjoyed meat
Restaurant ReviewsSan Isidro - 12.02.2008 - Christmas is over and to begin the New Year it was kindly suggested by my favourite eating partner, Big Phil, that we should visit a restaurant in San Isidro.
The Chuchurumbache has been on this site for many years and I think that one of the main reasons for its long standing success is where it is situated. Whilst I am the first to admit that the navigational side of my driving is nearly as bad as my local knowledge, I couldnt begin to inform you how to get there although, in fact, I was informed that it was quite simple.
Restaurant ReviewsLas Amricas - 23.12.2007 - The King and I, the first Thai restaurant in Tenerife, offers the finest authentic Thai cuisine from the Bangkok area. Pun, who runs the restaurant, treats her customers as friends or family, and believes that service is extremely important.
Restaurant Reviews22.12.2007 - If this is your first time on this wonderful island, as far as eating out is concerned I can assure you that you are in for a great treat as we have many great eateries, bars, restaurants and clubs.
Mei  Mei
Restaurant ReviewsSan Eugenio - 22.12.2007 - Many of us may think we know a lot about Chinese cooking, that we have tried just about all there is to try in Cantonese cuisine and that it is all basically served with rice or noodles accompanied by Prawn Crackers; thats the sum of Chinese food. Right? Wrong?
Restaurant Reviews24.11.2007 - A traditional Christmas dish in the past, served with its corresponding soup.
El Patio
Restaurant ReviewsCosta Adeje - 24.11.2007 - El Patio, considered a temple to top quality gastronomy has once again opened its doors to the general public.

For a while, only groups could book at this wonderful eatery with the stunning Andalusian patio that gives it its name, but it has now opened again as a restaurant offering Iberian style cuisine, with a particularly fine meat offer which is accompanied by a bodega of over 100 wines, live piano music and exquisite service.
Restaurant ReviewsPuerto de la Cruz - 24.11.2007 - If you believed that being on a diet and going to a restaurant are incompatible, think again. The five star Hotel Botnico in Puerto de la Cruz have just opened a brand new restaurant with a brand new approach and a calorie counted menu.
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