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Traditional cuisine of the Islands
Stuffed chicken and giblets soup
A traditional Christmas dish in the past, served with its corresponding soup.

24.11.2007 - Luckily this age-old recipe has not been lost as so many others have and is still included in many bourgeois cookery books on the islands with slight variations.

One large whole chicken
Half a kilo of minced beef
Half a kilo of jamn serrano (Spanish salted and cured ham) diced
A quarter kilo of bacon rashers cut in small pieces
Dark rum
Olive oil
Salt and pepper
One glass of sherry
Four eggs
One large sliced carrot
Two cloves of garlic
Two dozen peeled almonds
100 gr of breadcrumbs

The night before cooking the chicken, soak the ham and bacon rashers in a container with the rum and aromatic herbs (coriander, parsley, thyme and rosemary).  Bone the chicken (or ask the butcher to bone it for you) and put aside.  Prepare a broth with the chicken bones, carrot, some herbs, salt and a glass of sherry and put to one side. Saut the chicken giblets in a frying pan with a little oil, and crush with a mortar together with a couple of cloves of garlic, the peeled almonds, a pinch of salt and a dash of vinegar.  Drain the bacon rashers and ham carefully saving the marinade.  Season the beef with salt and pepper and fry lightly in a separate pan together with the rasher and ham.
Beat the eggs and add a little nutmeg.  Add the eggs, the breadcrumbs and the giblets mixture from the mortar to the beef and marinated meat mixture in the frying pan, mixing well to form a paste which is used to stuff the chicken.  Sew up the bird with a needle and thread and season with salt and pepper before wrapping in a clean cloth to hold it together and put it in the broth.  Leave to cook for a good while, depending on the age and toughness of the meat, until it is tender.
Finally unwrap, grease lightly with oil or lard and put in a hot oven to brown.

When putting the chicken into the oven, you can add some golden potatoes or vegetables.  Wrap the chicken well, so that, when served it remains compact and can be cut into large slices without breaking or losing its presentation.

Reproduced by the kind permission of the Tourism Initiative Centre, Santa Cruz

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