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For Meat Lovers
Chow at Mesón Chuchurumbache
Christmas is over and to begin the New Year it was kindly suggested by my favourite eating partner, Big Phil, that we should visit a restaurant in San Isidro.
The Chuchurumbache has been on this site for many years and I think that one of the main reasons for its long standing success is where it is situated. Whilst I am the first to admit that the navigational side of my driving is nearly as bad as my local knowledge, I couldn’t begin to inform you how to get there although, in fact, I was informed that it was quite simple.

We both enjoyed meat
We both enjoyed meat

San Isidro - 12.02.2008 -  Go to San Isidro, take the second or the third road on the left and follow it and you will find that it runs beside the motorway in the direction of Playa de Las Américas, just keep on this track and go as far as Jupiter!

Whilst I am going to explain later why this indeed is a little gem it is also an ideal place to take someone who doesn’t want to be seen, I cannot imagine any detective tracing you to this restaurant, believe me you will be safe here.

The restaurant has I believe been refurbished recently and may I add that brilliantly so. They have cleverly included a glass partition in the bar area for smokers, the rest of the dining area lends itself to a superb Galician eatery from where many of the special selection of dishes originate. It has a rustic, farmhouse type atmosphere and whilst we both enjoyed meat as the main course all of the other starters and main courses were truly a delight.

I would suggest that you visit this establishment in the daytime when it is light as if you are not familiar with this area  you may find it difficult to find. It is well worth a visit and very good value for money.

Meson Chuchurumbache
Cueva de Cho Porteda Nº 46, San Isidro
922 390272

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We both enjoyed meat 
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