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Piano and Sax Bar
Although New Year’s Eve has gone I have to pass on the news of not only where we spent our New Year’s Eve but remind you again of what in my opinion is one of the most exciting venues for musical entertainment on this island.

From the beginning Jazzissimo has presented top artists
From the beginning Jazzissimo has presented top artists

22.02.2008 - I believe Jazzissimo opened approximately three years ago and I remember commenting to Lee on our first visit that the whole establishment simply oozed class. 

The décor, the bar areas and the entertainment does credit to its owners. 

Since its early days, in my opinion, the artists who perform there present a showcase for the best on the island. I can pay Jazzissimo no greater compliment than to suggest that all the other establishments who follow a similar formula with live artists, soul music, etc., should take a visit to Jazzissimo and learn what a club of this nature should be like. 

Over the years that I have been here there has been a constant cry to present the tourists and residents with the best, believe me this club does just that. 

If you are an entertainments officer at a hotel, a club owner or you wish to copy the ultimate in smartness and class go and visit Jazzissimo.

The owners Denise and Mac put on the most fantastic New Year’s Eve with a superb buffet dinner and a show that I have never seen the likes of on this island over the last thirty years.  What a fantastic night!  What great singers!  This is a club which would attract tourists from any country.

There is, obviously, room on this Island for other establishments of this nature and the greatest compliment I can pay Jazzissimo is that if I owned a club or intended opening a club I would insist that my entertainments manager visit Jazzissimo.  This establishment should be successful merely by the standard it sets and whenever Lee and I leave the island to go on holiday I just hope we can find its equivalent at our holiday destination.

The club is located under the Tenerife Sol Hotel opposite the Starco. This is not just a club but an experience, go and see for yourselves.

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From the beginning Jazzissimo has presented top artists 
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