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Mesón Los Gemelos
Heavenly Twins
Well, judging by our latest visit, they are certainly in the ascendancy.

26.12.2014 - We are at Los Gemelos (the twins) in the old part of Puerto de la Cruz, just off the Calle Puerto Viejo, seated in the courtyard of what might well have begun its original life as a farmhouse. This is an attractive place to be, whether outside in the courtyard, or inside nearer to the large bar. It is long established, busy and gives one a pleasant feeling of having stepped back a little in time.
We grab one of the last tables in the courtyard, for six, and make ourselves comfortable. Our waiter is soon at my shoulder asking about drinks. A litre of red wine is required to kick start the proceedings. We are assured that it is local, and, as if to prove the point, we notice a large empty garrafón being taken away and replaced by a fresh supply. Water and bread with a garlic alioli is also swiftly to hand.
And so, to the menu. We start with things to share: a dish of garbanzos (chick pea stew with pork and chorizo for €4.75) and for the younger members of the party, a couple of dishes of really good sized prawns sizzling hot in oil and garlic at €7.50. The crusty bread disappears in a trice; finger licking good.
A couple of large soles (€9 each), a couple of whole red-banded sea bream (€9.50 each), a rabbit in salmorejo sauce (also €9.50) and, for me, the famous lamb chops (€9.90). I ask for them to be done pink, and our waiter nods sagely. I wonder if he will pass on the message to those manning the stove?
All our dishes come with chips and a variation of coleslaw and other bits and bobs. A big bowl of typical Canarian wrinkly potatoes was put down for us to share. My lamb chops were just stunning, and my message had clearly reached the kitchen, despite the lugubrious visage of our waiter. Double cutlets times four made a heaped plate and they were as tender as any I have bought at Booths back in Lancashire, where they sell excellent salt marsh lamb. Actually, I was quite taken aback at how good they were. The rest of the party polished off their various fishes and, as if to prove another point, the youngest member of the party, my grandson Sam aged eight, guzzled an adult portion of the rabbit and wiped the plate clean. Result!
Alternatives we could have chosen were a selection of tapas from the extensive menu, and all sorts of meats cooked on their charcoal grill. Fresh fish was also declared a speciality of the house.
We thought that we had good value from that meal, which came to €86 or €14 a head for a very good meal. Were there any downsides to the evening? Well, if I was being pernickety, the staff were a bit impersonal with nary a smile between them. Efficient, but distant. Regardless of that.we had a great time there though.

Meson Los Gemelos
Calle Peñón 4,
Puerto de la Cruz,
Tel: 922 370 133
Open: Daily except Wednesday 12 noon – 11pm
Loo Score: 7/10

By John

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