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The Empire rules!
By Carlos Verdecia
There’s a steak revolution going on all over the world as seen in a recent Netflix documentary.
The quality and variety of prime meats have transformed traditional steakhouses bringing joy to millions of meat lovers everywhere, and to relish this continuing trend of creativity and excellence in the preparation and selection of steaks you must visit Empire Modern British Steak House in Las Américas,
Overlooking the stunning fountain in the Safari Shopping Centre, this stylish restaurant offers a very warm and relaxed atmosphere with elegant tables, but here, steaks take centre stage. This is meat galore and the menu offers such a wide selection that you start savouring before you even order! Rib-eye, Sirloin, Rump Steak, Fillet, T-Bone, Chateaubriand, Steak Tartare, Beef Wellington. You name it, they have it. And quality is paramount. You can also go a step beyond and choose from premium steaks selected by their meat-boutique butchers. There, superb cuts are dry-aged for between 26 and 32 days for optimum flavour and if you want to go farther, you can order a steak or a Chuletón (large chop) from the Basque butcher Txogitxu, considered one of the best meat providers in the world. His prime cuts from older cows are heavily marbled and dry aged for 35-42 days.
After being seated by Agatha, a charming hostess from Poland, we started our culinary experience at the Empire with savvy recommendations from Louise, the experienced manager and Francisco, the well-informed and friendly waiter. Our first dish was quite a revelation - sautéed chicken livers with crispy bacon in a red wine reduction, a bold and rich combination of delicious flavours. Next, we enjoyed the Seared Queen Scallops on top of creamy peas and crispy pork belly - tasty and sumptuous. We paired these dishes with a silky Spanish red wine from the Bierzo region.
Then, we were ready for the main attraction. A tender and succulent Chateaubriand cooked to perfection, medium rare and expertly carved by Francisco. Add the béarnaise sauce, chips, fried onions, mushrooms and a set of perfect steak cutlery and the delightful feast was on. The Empire takes this classic dish to a higher level. Top quality tenderloin and expert preparation.
Diners should be aware that although at the Empire steak is king, there are other food choices. Here, customers can also enjoy delectable lamb, chicken, fish, pork and duck dishes. There are also homemade pies and even a vegetarian burger. So whatever tickles your fancy, you’ll find it here.
As we were preparing to order dessert, we met Ian, the chef at Empire. Sagacious and creative, he explained how paying attention to every small detail is their formula for success. My companion looked at him with a smile and said “You know the problem? Nothing went wrong, everything was perfect.” Ian started at the Empire as a sous chef seven years ago and is now the leader of this well-run steak juggernaut.
For dessert, we ordered a tasty Rhubarb Crumble, but there are many mouth-watering sweet course choices in the menu - from a Chocolate Fondant to a Marshmallow Campfire.
The modern steak culture is well rooted at Empire. If you are a meat lover, this is a culinary experience you will not want to miss.

Empire Restaurant & Steak House
C.C. Safari
Avenida de Las Américas
Playa de Las Américas
Tel: 922 78 99 71
Opening hours:
Every day 1.30pm - 11pm

Behind this façade hides real passion for meat
Behind this façade hides real passion for meat

27.06.2019 -

Gallery: The Empire rules!
Behind this façade hides real passion for meat Ferencz ‘Francisco’ surprises with the Chateaubriand A rare red wine from the Bierzo D.O., pressed from the cold-resistant mencia grape The meat is cooked perfectly
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