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   Reviews, recipes and news from the grapevine

Bianco - Italian cuisine in a class of its own
By Joe Schacher
Bianco Restaurant is located on the first floor of the C.C. Safari in Playa de Las Américas.
Bianco is a comfortable, modern-style restaurant with white furnishings, contrasting with subtle colours. At the reception we were warmly welcomed
by Martina. With her pleasant Slavic accent she captivates the guests and shows them to their table.
As in every Venture Restaurant, the attentive staff takes care of every guest and gives them the feeling of being really welcome. Over thirty employees from almost 20 countries provide an excellent service. You can tell that they
enjoy being at work, that the work process flows well, and that there is a certain level of professional understanding between them.
The menu offers Italian cuisine with a certain flair, the famous antipasti, the finest pizzas, and pasta in many variations. But Bianco would not be a Venture restaurant if there weren’t special highlights. Small, wonderfully flavoured dream nibbles shorten the waiting time for starters - aubergine slices with cream cheese wrapped in Parma ham, artichoke hearts with
provolone cheese in an excellent olive oil or Arancini Siciliani, mini risotto balls enriched with saffron and parmesan and briefly deep fried - you can’t
get enough of them.
We left the choice of appetisers to the Maître Balint. He recommended a buffalo milk burrata with homemade basil pesto, steamed cherry tomatoes and lightly roasted walnuts, as well as salmon rillette. The burrata was delicious, creamy on the inside, with a firm skin and the mixture matched perfectly with the pesto. The rillete was served cool, the salmon was only poached for a short time and still pink inside, presented in a jar with créme fraiche, red shallots, chives and crispy bread - a feast for the eyes and the palate. Both starters prove that it is always worth trying something new.
Bianco has an Italian DNA. The service is attentive, and as the waiters don’t sing, a background singer provides a pleasant atmosphere.
After Antipasti and Primi Piatti follows the Segondo Piatti. Should it be pasta or risotto, or rather an Ossobuco, which has been simmering away for hours on a low heat? Again we left the choice to Balint who recommended a white Bolognese and fresh Tagliatelle with Pecorino and black truffles from Piedmont.
We trusted him. But what is white Bolognese? Balint explained it to us: when cooking the ragout neither tomatoes nor tomato sauce are used, a little thyme, cream, diced onion and carrots and a dash of balsamic vinegar are the secrets behind this dish. The end result served with pasta was excellent and I’m sure there was more to it than the ingredients described.
The fresh tagliatelle were prepared at the table, the star is half a pecorino cheese. Balint cooks the pasta over the gas flame, seasons it with enough pepper and cream, leaves it on a low flame and turns to the pecorino. The hollow in the middle is soaked with a little grappa and lit. Flames at the table! The pecorino melts, the alcohol soon evaporates and the pasta waiting in
the pan is added, turned over and married to the pecorino. A fragrant serenade opened the taste buds. The whole thing is served with a lot of pepper and a sliced truffle. While I was watching, my mouth watered
and the first bite confirmed it. If you like truffles, you can’t miss this dish - it is a culinary treat in a class of its own.
We took our time with the dessert and talked to the chef Luca. He told us that he had worked in a kitchen since he was a little boy. His family ran a restaurant in Naples, where he was also infected with the cooking virus, and never wanted to become anything other than a cook. With pleasure he provided us with tips and tricks for our own home preparations.
We chose a potpourri of different desserts: A panna cotta prepared with a vanilla pod and half-frozen strawberry ice cream, and three small pieces
of cheesecake with different toppings, the perfect finish.
The wine list is balanced, lovers of Italian wines are spoilt for choice, but of course well known Spanish wines are also served. The non-alcoholic
cocktails are excellent, and the Mojito or the Virgin Piña Colada convince everyone.
Ian, the manager, leads his team with calm and keeps his eye on everything, he has been responsible for Bianco for years. He stays out of the limelight
and is proud of his team. Many choose Bianco for their personal occasions. When we dined there, there were guests at two tables celebrating their
birthdays. That’s why if you have something planned, it’s best to talk to Ian beforehand to ensure that your event will be a success.
Bianco is open from 1pm to 11.30pm, almost until midnight.

Photos: Léonard Schacher

Bianco Restaurant
CC Safari, Avenida de Las Américas
Playa de Las Américas
Tel: 922 788 697
Opening hours:
Daily 13.00h - 23.30h

The hosts at Bianco, receptionist Martina, head chef Luca, head waiter Balint and accounts responsible Kristie (l-r)
The hosts at Bianco, receptionist Martina, head chef Luca, head waiter Balint and accounts responsible Kristie (l-r)

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Gallery: Bianco - Italian cuisine in a class of its own
The hosts at Bianco, receptionist Martina, head chef Luca, head waiter Balint and accounts responsible Kristie (l-r) The buffalo milk Burrata with basil pesto, cherry tomatoes and lightly roasted walnuts - simply delicious A real treat, tagliatelle with pecorino and black truffles An exciting variation, Noodles with white Bolognese
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