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   Reviews, recipes and news from the grapevine

Making the most of seasonal food
Ribs and potatoes
This typical Canarian dish is very popular, especially in the colder months of the year. Possibly the most famous exponent of this dish in Tenerife is Casa Tomás in El Portuezuelo, Tegueste near the northern airport (922 638007), but it is really very easy to prepare yourself, although somewhat time consuming.

Tegueste - 24.11.2007 - Salted pork ribs are added to or form the main ingredient of a number of Canarian dishes.
Fresh pork ribs will not give the same flavour, but the bacon ribs available in the north of England are a good substitute.  The vegetables for the stock are an optional extra, but do add significantly to the end flavour and nutritional content of the dish. 
The stock can later be used for a thick pea soup (recipe next edition).  The dish is typically accompanied by a coriander sauce (mojo de cilantro).

• 1kilo salted ribs
• 1 kilo potatoes
• 4 cobs of sweet corn
• Piece of pumpkin
• Two leeks
• Two carrots
• Two or three sticks of celery
• One onion
• One chayote (optional)
• One baby marrow (bubango)
• Laurel leaves
• Chicken stock cube

• Wine glass of olive oil
• Half a glass of water
• Vinegar
• Powdered cumin seeds (optional)
• Half an avocado
• Bunch of coriander
• Three or four garlic cloves
• Lemon juice (optional)
• Salt & Pepper

1. Wash the ribs and place overnight in the fridge in water to soak, changing the water after the first couple of hours.
2. Clean and peel the pumpkin, leeks, carrots, onion, marrow and chayote.
 Wash and trim the celery and cut all vegetables into large chunks. 
Place in a large saucepan with laurel leaves, bring to boil and leave to simmer for 30 minutes.
3. Meanwhile wash the ribs again, fill another saucepan with water and bring to boil.  Turn off and drain. 
Cut into smaller chunks when cooled.
Remove the cooked vegetables and add the ribs to the vegetable stock with chicken stock cube.  Bring to boil and simmer for 1 ½ – 2 ½ hours.
When almost tender, add corn cobs in chunks and potatoes in large pieces, simmer 20 minutes more.
Drain and serve with coriander sauce.

Sauce preparation
1. The traditional mojo is made with a mortar and pestle and needs a bit more work, but this cheat’s version is very tasty and works just as well as a coating sauce.
Wash and roughly chop the coriander and place in a blender.
2. Add a glass of olive oil, the flesh of half an avocado, half a glass of water, garlic cloves, cumin powder and squeeze of lemon (if used) and salt, pepper and vinegar to taste.
This Canarian mojo sauce keeps very well in a jar in the fridge for a number of days and is a perfect complement to many strong flavoured fish and meat dishes.

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