Thursday, 13.12.2018
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   Reviews, recipes and news from the grapevine

Chick peas
More than hummus
Legendary chef Ferran Adriá has been retained by PepsiCo to design an entirely new kind of snack food, some of which will be based on chick peas.

More than hummus

00.00.0000 - Ferran will be working his magic on this staple with PepsiCo’s blessings in a three way cooperation b etween the company’s foundation, the United Nations World Food Programme and the United States for International Development USAID aimed at addressing malnutrition in Ethiopia. The idea is to double the production of the Ethiopian farmers’ chickipea yield and feed 40,000 Ethiopian children aged six to 23 months. However the programme is not 100 per cent altruistic. A company statement recently announced, “for PepsiCo, chickpea-based products are an important part of the company's strategy to build a $30 billion global nutrition business by 2020." Adría will be in charge of investigating and developing a range of healthier snack and convenience foods for the company.

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