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Mongolian BBQ Restaurant
Mongolian triumph
In the sparkling white interior of the Mongolian BBQ Restaurant in Los Cristianos three expert chefs specially trained by the resident Mongolian chef let fly with metre-long blades over a 600ºC circular hotplate.

17.07.2013 -

In this restaurant, the sweet smell of continuing success is in the air, combining with the aroma from the sizzling ingredients on the grill and the myriad selection of spices in use and clients watch fascinated as their food selection is stir fried and flipped to perfection.

Legend has it, that centuries ago the nomads of Mongolia led by Genghis Khan prepared their food on shields heated over open fires, and this spectacular special hotplate is inspired by that.  As they swept over the Steppes the Mongols’ gastronomy influenced and became influenced by both the Russian and Asian cuisine and the wide range of dishes on the menu of this restaurant reflect that. All the major Chinese cuisines are on offer are Mongolian specialities.

There’s a large à la carte menu where spice levels for all tastes and experience can be catered for and which has been extended to include dishes such as a fabulous Mongolian Lamb Curry.  It also includes international dishes such as steak and chips, pizza, chicken nuggets et.  However, the big draw is definitely the Mongolian barbecue special, priced at just €13.70 for adults and €8 for children.

Clients have the taste-bud tingling choice of two soups, selections of salads, rice, noodles, Asian and occidental vegetables, meat, fish and shellfish.  Eat as much as you want, mix and match whatever you want - here you are the chef.  To complement the fresh prime material ingredient selection, the amazing range of 18 sauces includes classics such as Teriyaki, Satay, Sweet and Sour, Oyster and Black Bean, but they also offer a spicy Mongolian Curry and Kung Pao.  Dessert is extra, but the fried ice cream off the coffee and dessert menu is very reasonably priced and absolutely delicious!

The dining tables are on a partially covered, exotically furnished and exceedingly spacious terrace with brand new classy awnings and the waiting staff are attentive, without being intrusive.  The price includes a drink or a soft drink and there is also a rounded wine list including choices from Tenerife’s excellent Bodegas Frontos and Navarra, Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Catalunya, Penedes, Samontano, Rueda, South African chemín blanc, Mateus’ well loved rosé, cavas and champagne.

This is a lot more than just a restaurant; it’s a themed, night out experience.  Not to be missed by lovers of good food whether they are resident or tourist.


Mongolian BBQ Restaurant

Corner of the Avenida San Francisco and Avenida Amsterdam

In front of the Apartamentos Reverón

Opening daily: Noon to midnight, buffet daily from 5.30pm

Reservation recommend - 922 750 036

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