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Bodeguita Algorrobo
What a little gem!
We had been to a meeting in the Hotel Botánico, that well known five star hotel in La Paz, Puerto de la Cruz.

26.08.2013 -

Afterwards, three of us found time for a light lunch before more business called for our guest.

Walking outside into the sunshine, I proposed visiting a place almost opposite to the hotel entrance, on the other side of the road.  Yonder is a small restaurant by the name of the Bodeguita Algorrobo, a family business, an offshoot of the larger restaurant of eponymous name situated in La Luz, which itself has become very well-known over the years.

We had been to this bodeguita once before, just for a drink at lunchtime, and had been offered excellent tapas as an accompaniment.  That information had been stored away in the memory bank for future use.  We had identified it as a destination for Island Connections, and now here we were, some months later it has to be admitted, to hopefully do it justice.

The terrace, shaded by an awning, holds some eight tables, and there are a similar number to the rear, inside, for cooler evenings.  Within, all is much more modern in decoration and ambience.

There is a menu of the day prominently displayed outside, costing €10 for three courses, with choices for each course.  We chose however to eat from the tapas menu and, after a glass of wine, we enjoyed a starter of two different types of salad, one with little gem lettuce hearts on top of which was smoked salmon and grated egg with a piquant dressing for €4, and another with tomato, cheese, pesto and balsamic dressing, priced at €3.

Afterwards, along came a half portion of their fillet steak on sauté potatoes with a little serving of mixed vegetables, including, would you believe it, a Brussels sprout, and all for the princely sum of €6!  Finally, we enjoyed a half portion of their chipirones, a dish of small baby squid cooked whole with a spicy dipping sauce, and a bargain at €4.  Our food could not be faulted.

The tapas menu is quite extensive, running the gamut from an Iberico Acorn Sausage and Ham Platter at €6.50, to a plate of cheeses from Fuerteventura at €4.00.  Main courses include fried octopus, cod, lamb, pork and a number of different cuts of steak.  What I do like about this place is that for most dishes they offer a “portion” price and a “half portion” price, enabling a lot of mixing and matching, or just the possibility of the lighter meal.  Desserts, half a dozen or so, are all priced at €3.50.  There is the usual fractured translation, including “fresh salmon your tastefulness” at €11.50, and the even more bizarre “stern eggs” for €4.00.  But that is all the fun of it, is it not?

When we visited, the restaurant was spotlessly clean, as were the lavatories, situated down in the cellar and lit by automatic lighting.  Just as you feel that you are going to step off the edge of a cliff and plunge into the abyss, a further battery of lights dispels the encroaching gloom, with perfect timing.

Drawing a parallel with our starter, this really is a little gem of a place. Clean, smart and tidy, with professional service and food that is prepared with attention to detail.  For lunch or dinner, you would be hard pressed to find anywhere better to eat in La Paz for your money.  Although it is situated in a line of eateries, this is definitely the one to choose.

Bodeguita Algorrobo

Carretera General Botanico, La Paz, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife.

Tel: 922 373 513

Closed: Sunday evenings.

Loo Score:  8/10


By John

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