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   Reviews, recipes and news from the grapevine

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Food12.02.2008 - The coffee and do-nut franchise Dunkin Coffee have signed an agreement with the Balearics franchise holders Elvissa to exploit the brand in Catalonia, Valencia and Murcia.
There are many varieties of edible snail
Food12.02.2008 - Lrida born Tony Boix Caldentey is determined to run the first Fuerteventura snail farm.

It was the island councillor for agriculture, Santiago Santander, who first put the idea in his head some years ago. Tony has worked as a barman, waiter and chef and often prepared snail dishes for his clients when he could get hold of the snails. more...
FoodMadrid - 12.02.2008 - The Canaries played an important part in the top Spanish food festival. In this sixth anniversary of the popular gourmet food-fest for professionals, Braulio Simancas of El Silbo Gomero in Los Majuelos was joined by Armando Saldaa from Amaranto to demonstrate the preparation and uses of the famous Canarian sauce, mojo, to his fellow chefs.
Spanish cheeses are excellent
Food12.02.2008 - Strong marketing by the French has meant that they have been exporting to other parts of Europe for many years. Less known in the beginning, Spanish bodegas are making an excellent name for themselves and so now are Spanish cheeses.
Food22.12.2007 - After the orgy of overeating which seems to rule the festive season, a selection of special tapas is a welcome, light and tasty alternative to a set meal for family and friends.
Food22.12.2007 - On the Island of La Palma it is said that the celebrated marquesotes reached the tables of the Vatican.

In 1823, the Italian canon, Juan Mara Mastaj Ferreti, visited La Palma en route to Chile. He was later to become Pope Pius IX. more...
Food22.12.2007 - A variety of the north English speciality, ribsticker, a hearty soup for the colder days using stock from a previous editions ribs and potatoes.
Food22.12.2007 - Boxing Day in the UK wouldnt be the same without a slice of pork pie and a pickle and whilst there are some excellent imported varieties around, nothing beats home made.
Food24.11.2007 - The gentle temperatures and rains are producing a bumper crop of mushrooms in Spain which are retailing between 20 and 40 euros a kilo depending on variety, size and quality.
The book ties in landscapes of the island with specific recipes
Food24.11.2007 - Felo Botello, a renowned restaurant owner in Gran Canaria, has just published a book on local gastronomy and landscapes. The idea has been to tie specific areas in the island to traditional Canarian recipes, far from nitrogen bubbling and gelifications and all the new fangled techniques.
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