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Tom Keenan – end of an icon
Tom Keenan first ar­rived on the island of Tenerife almost 28 years ago and slept on the beach in Puerto De La Cruz with nothing but his guitar…

Every day he would sit outside a little café when one day the owner, a Belgian gentleman asked Tom “Why do you sit here every day, why don’t you come inside? Tom re­plied “because I have no money”. The gentleman replied “come inside and I will give you breakfast every day and when you get a job you can pay me back”.

Tom Keenan, RIP
Tom Keenan, RIP

22.02.2008 - Three days later Tom got his first job singing  in a bar called the Dick Dirty and sang his coun­try music there for almost a year. From the money he earned and saved Tom bought a second hand car and moved to the south of the island and it wasn’t long before he got a job singing in Hyde Park Corner in Las Américas where he sang for a year before moving to the Las Vegas Restaurant  where he sang for five years.

By now Tom had a large following of fans who nicknamed him ‘Crocodile Dundee’ because of  his style of clothes and the gun and bowie knife he always wore. People world wide loved Tom and his unusual style of Country music and any request that was asked for Tom knew it.  Tom became very successful all over Tenerife and many parts of the world.  He bought an old finca and had his dream home built. He worked hard seven nights a week, every week and never took a holiday. Even when Tom was diagnosed with lung cancer in October 2007 he continued to work  up to Christmas but sadly was unable to continue any longer.

A legend in his life time, Tom Keenan will be deeply missed by all who knew him for many years to come.
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Tom Keenan, RIP 
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