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I had a nice surprise last week when a good friend and neighbour of mine said he would bring his son around to meet me as he was a singer in the UK.
Showbiz10.05.2008 - Now my friend Gordon is a tenor, who loves the work of the great classical singers and for many years has been a well-known figure in the karaoke bars around The Patch area of Las Amricas. So you can imagine my surprise when they came round to see me to find that the son was not a chip off the old block as I expected, but a guy who loves rock and blues, fronting his own band in the UK called Mojo Morgans Hoochie Coochie Band. more...
(Back, L-R) Jordana Burridge, James Feather, Ashley Hall, Ayla Sayles, (Front) Diletta Ballarati
Showbiz10.05.2008 - The cast and production team behind Wingates Wizard of Oz did themselves very proud indeed with a slick, colourful and delightfully warming version of the famous L. Frank Baum story that has kept hearts young and old on the yellow brick road for many years. From Kansas to Munchkin Land and off to Emerald City Dorothy and Toto in the company of witches good and bad, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and a very dandy Lion sang and danced their way through the show. more...
Sinatras legend and songs live on
ShowbizPlaya de las Amricas - 21.04.2008 - Francis Albert Sinatra was born on 12th December 1915 in Hoboken, New Jersey on a freezing cold night and the doctor who delivered him had to use forceps that caused lifelong scars. Thinking the boy was dead, the doctor in attendance concentrated on caring for the mother. However, Frank survived due to his Italian grandmother who grabbed him and put him under a cold water tap, and within seconds they heard him cry his way into life.

The boy who would years later be known worldwide as Frank Sinatra became the master of the American song, who in his prime sang songs that were unforgettable, and throughout his career he really did it his way, outlasting nearly all the competition and taking a generation forged in the 30s and 40s to the end of the 20th century. more...
Chikilicuatre, Spains latest Euro wonder
Showbiz10.04.2008 - Spains entry for this years Eurovision Song Contest has triggered massive controversy and has been slammed by top newspapers as an insult to the nation.
If you like piano playing youll love Tim
Showbiz10.04.2008 - First I went for a lovely meal with some great company and then on to the Magic Bar, situated at he Pirmide de Arona in Las Amricas, for what was supposed to be a quick night cap.
Roberto and his surprise guest, Daniel ODonnell
Showbiz30.03.2008 - Roberto Philippe, resident musician at the Hotel Vulcano in Las Amricas was more than surprised recently when a member of the audience joined him one night on stage, and the audience went, quite simply wild, cheering, and taking photographs.
Linda Day is perfect for this bar (left)
ShowbizLos Cristianos - 23.03.2008 - These are the words of an old Jazzy song which came to my mind when entering the recently opened Music Gallery Piano Bar, in the new Mirador complex in Los Cristianos, which is certainly a very classy intimate bar, beautifully decorated, with comfortable leather sofas and seats around the grand piano and a well furnished terrace, complete with a Gazebo!
Some of the artistes came together with Tenerife politicians to announce the event
ShowbizSanta Cruz - 23.03.2008 - Tenerife became the Latin capital of the music world with the Premios Dial prize giving ceremony in the Santa Cruz auditorium.

For the second year in a row the island was chosen as the venue for the annual award ceremony honouring the best Latin music artistes of the moment, as chosen by Spanish music station Cadena Dial. more...
Showbiz15.03.2008 - Two fund raising events organised by K9 animal refuge will take place during the next fortnight. The first one on St Patricks Day, 17th March, will be held at Paddy McGintys Bar in Callao Salvaje and things will get cracking at 3pm with many surprise events on the agenda including a number of guest entertainers.
Showbiz22.02.2008 - Meet the glamourous Sheeba, one of showbusiness most versatile entertainers.

Hailed as the Queen of exotic dancers with her belly dance and tassel dance routines, she has entertained in most countries throughout the world, including North and South America, Canada, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Australia and the Far East.
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