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The Festival
Eólica 2011
This year, and following a year during which it was conspicuous by its absence, the international renewable energy festival, Eólica, takes its concept to Santa Lucia in Gran Canaria where the eighth edition will be celebrated at the Instituto Technológico de Canarias, Pozo Izquierdo, on September 10.

Gran Canaria - 12.08.2011 - Eólica, which has been on tour visiting countries in all the continents under the slogan: ‘Conciencia en Movimiento’ is also putting another plan into action this year: exporting the concept of this festival to other ecological parks in Spain.

There will be more than 40 artists taking part in this day and night event. Renewable energies, recycling, art in all its different forms and the spreading of environmental awareness are the fundamental keys to this festival which has attracted increasing attendance figures year after year, reaching 15,000 in the last two editions.

During around 20 hours, the public can enjoy the Eólica formula which combines workshops, exhibitions, chats, audio visual projections, performances, and two stages which will feature current pop/rock/fusion and electronic music.

In this way, Eólica will transmit the value of science and technology in tackling the greatest problems in our society, amongst which are energy supplies, which are strongly linked to that of water, in a way which ensures social wellbeing and economic prosperity for humanity without compromising the future of our planet. Energy efficiency and saving, sustainable energy and water supplies as well as the vital role of investigation and what is being achieved here in the Canaries will be emphasised.

The contents of this year’s festival will be divided into Eólica Familiar (12 noon to 7pm) and the Eólica Festival (7pm until close). In the daytime there will be attractions for all ages including workshops, children’s activities, exhibitions, entertainment, guided tours around the Pozo Izquierdo installation, demonstrations and chats.

After 7pm, the artists will take to the stages. The Carton Stage will feature the latest in pop, rock and fusion while the Plastic Stage will bring electronic music including tech, house, electro techno, progressive and tribal to the audience.

The first confirmed artists on this year’s bill are Vetusta Morla (Madrid), Bomba Estéreo (selected by MTV as one of the 25 best new bands in the world in 2010), Carlos Jean (creator of the song Ay Haiti!) and El Guincho.

Eólica, produced by Airbag Events, is sponsored by the Canarian government, the Instituto Technológico de Canarias and Carlsberg.

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