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The Fiesta
La Librea, Tegueste
La Librea de Tegueste, a 17th century tradition, returns to the Plaza de San Marcos on September 9.

Tenerife - 25.08.2011 - This classic reconstruction runs alongside the fiestas of Nuestra Seora de Los Remedios and is a representation of a fiesta day in Tegueste in the year 1850, not only featuring an ample display of the customs and traditions of that time, but also scenes based on documents found in the town's Municipal Archives.

La Librea was the name of a military defence force led by one captain, obsessed with defending Tegueste, Tejina, Punta Hidalgo and Valle Guerra against sea attacks by pirates. They would also fire their guns as a mark of respect for their patron's statue, and that tradition continued even after the forces left the town, with volunteers using mock weapons. The reconstruction consists of a battle between La Librea and the three ships of Tegueste, in the Plaza de San Marcos, with lots of gunfire, fantastic costumes, symbolism, and of course, lots of fun. The traditional recreation of La Librea, the 'Meeting of the Ship and the Castle', is an evening event which is followed by a fantastic fireworks display.

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