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Tenerife Entertainment Awards
And the winners are….
The 2011 Tenerife Entertainment Awards went with such a swing that the only conclusion to be drawn is that entertainment is very much alive and well and kicking in Tenerife.


14.10.2011 - Held in the Castillo de San Miguel, and broadcast live on Oasis FM and online, over 1,000 people turned on to cheer on the winners and vote for the best group after all the latter category nominees performed live on the day.   This year the voting had been opened up to the world wide public through facebook and online and telephone voting.  All of the nominees were deservedly there and the voting campaigns certainly caught the imagination of the public and no doubt helped bring more people out to see and listen to some of the great live talent the island has to offer.  And lest anyone think that these awards are for British acts only, there were Spanish nominees and winners on the day too.
As the excellent master of ceremonies Nathan Swift pointed out, these top acts are free to punters nightly all over Tenerife, a rare privilege indeed, and one maybe we take for granted, but this was the afternoon to say “well done” and “thanks”, as all of the bands, singers, comperes, djs, variety acts, and anyone else involved in the live entertainment business who help tourism here immeasurably.

And the winners were:
Best Tribute: Kracka (Status Quo)
Best Band: Soundchaser
Best Compere: Mike Carlton
Best Club DJ: Lee Jackson (Branigans)
 Best Female Singer: Sally Ann
Best Newcomer: Pip Brown
Best Variety Act: Mister Sister
Best Group: IS & Mikey Mike
Outstanding Contribution: Mike Carlton
During the show there were terrific live performances by the TIBU dancers, Tango Vivo, and Paula Leeming (winner Tenerife Loves Karaoke 2011), Ritmania and Estrellas. 
This was also more than just a great afternoon out – monies raised are being donated to the Marie Curie charity – Oasis managing director Chris Elkington tells up that there’s isn’t a final sum yet but it will be well over €2,000, so well done all.

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