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Scene of the crime
Mystery dinner in Pueblo Chico
As part of the activities of the III. Agatha Christie Festival in Puerto de la Cruz, organised by the tourist office CIT Puerto de la Cruz, there will be a mystery dinner in Pueblo Chico.

Who killed the mafia boss?
Who killed the mafia boss?

31.10.2011 - The mysterious testament of Don Csare is brought to you by the Escena del Crimen (scene of the crime) company led by the German actress and director Antonia Jaster and the Canarian theatre director Manuel Luis, the event takes place on November 19th, with a second performance on December 3rd . Performances begin at 8pm.
This is theatre and dining at its best, with excellent Italian cuisine courtesy of top chef Liberio Cattano and guests are promised a series of unexpected surprises the organisers tell us to be prepared for an unusual experience for those who wish to enjoy with all six senses!
No ordinary night out, this will be an evening, with the Sicilian Mafia in the 1930 ties, full of thrills, adventure, crime, intrigue and surprises. Participants are encouraged, to solve the mystery with a prize for the best detective!) and to enjoy an excellent four-course menu. While the crime will be performed in Spanish, there will be a lot of visual action and many scenic effects that even viewers who do not speak Spanish will thoroughly enjoy.  Guests will be asked to dress appropriately, and the best costume will also win a prize.
As this is a mystery dinner, to gain entry you will need a passwordas well as you personal invitation, both of which you will get on purchase of your ticket.  Tickets must be bought in advance, either at Pueblo Chico (922 33 40 60 or 659 221 548)  the Tourist Office CIT in Puerto de la Cruz, (922 370 243).

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Who killed the mafia boss? 
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