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Fighting Drug Addition
Female celebrities’ journeys to destruction
Are you dismayed or maybe disgusted with Britney Spears and all the attention she is getting?

Are you following her every move because you take drugs and her life mirrors your powerlessness and unmanageable ways, and you understand her bizarre way of thinking?

Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Ritchie, Kate Moss, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse and other beautiful young celebrity women have become prime-time poster girls for the fast life.

Britney Spears, a poster girl for the fast lane?
Britney Spears, a poster girl for the fast lane?

16.02.2008 - If it’s not some rock singer burying themselves under a dusty mountain of Columbian marching powder, it’s any number of celebrity stars hoovering up chemicals like there’s no tomorrow, staggering around with pupils like dinner plates and then confessing everything in a tabloid ‘my drug hell’ exposé.

As Dr Yvonne Scruggs-Leftwich commented “some people think the cure is an escape into a hospital or upscale rehabilitation retreat. That pit stop is then recalibrated by media spin artists as an experience of reflection, remorse and religious epiphany, which only re-whets the appetite and recharges the batteries so that the remorseful can emerge, reborn, to do it all over again. Hyped publicity and excessive amounts of money cushion the ‘bottom’ hit by the media’s glamour girls, and consequently, the depth of their actual addiction illness is trivialised along with the larger problem of female addiction”.

The positive side of celebrities going public about their rehabilitation is that it helps to de-stigmatise and make more acceptable the use of this type of treatment by the general public. The tortured, glorified and over-dramatised celebrity victims live in a world apart from thousands, maybe millions; no one knows exactly, of ordinary, demoralised, cast-off women who struggle, from one day to the next, trying to recover their lives from drug and alcohol abuse. However re-lapse is at such a high percentage when this happens to an individual in the media’s eyes, they have further to fall, physically, psychologically and spiritually.

There are very few published studies that focus exclusively on female drug addicts who are trying to recover

I need to speak out for the millions of women who are suffering from this horrendous illness, many I have worked with, who had no paparazzi chasing them as they stagger from the crack house after a four or five-day binge. And that’s a good thing because they must have looked like hell and smelled worse. They were dirty, battered and bruised. They had lost their struggle with the drug-crack-dope-alcohol habit again. They were penniless. They paid for their drugs with bartered goods, often stolen, or with their battered bodies. Either form of currency bought them a high that was short and unsatisfactory.

There are very few published studies that focus exclusively on female drug addicts who are trying to recover. But if we want to help these women, we must devote to them a portion of the attention we lavish on their glitzier, richer counterparts. The problems of these women are obvious and understandable. It’s like a roller-coaster ride, you’re going up, up and you have the anticipation that maybe this is the time she’s going to get it, many struggling from this type of addiction can re-lapse two or three times before a level of sobriety can be maintained.

Based on media coverage I have seen of Britney’s behaviour, she appears to have a drug and alcohol addiction with a mental disorder similar to Bipolar. She seems deeply ill to me. The main thing is for the person to go through treatment and recover… But they generally have to hit bottom in order to turn around and get on the road to recovery. If the person is laughing wildly as they’re taken away in the ambulance that does not indicate that there’s much connection with the consequences of their behaviour. In my humble opinion I think Britney is more likely to die of her addiction than if she had cancer!

The first step to recovery is accepting that one has a problem. The second step is making a personal consistent commitment to get better.

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Britney Spears, a poster girl for the fast lane? 
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