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Living Together
Hindu new year celebrations
Some 50 stalls selling clothing, handicrafts, typical Indian food, books and other items, and various activities including dancing, games and music meant that for ten hours, Calle Palo Mayor became a little India, with all the sights, sounds and aromas of that fascinating country.

Six Djs provided the music, and one, Nitu, said that she was delighted at how the non-Indian children were fascinated by the dancing displays, adding that next year they hoped to have an ever greater mix of cultural events on stage.

Adeje major Jos Miguel Rodrguez Fraga, delighted at the harmonious afternoon
Adeje major Jos Miguel Rodrguez Fraga, delighted at the harmonious afternoon

Adeje - 29.04.2008 - Adeje mayor, Jos Miguel Rodrguez Fraga, who entered into the spirit of the event described it as, a pleasant fiesta which has grown. The massive attendance confirms the reality that people from different countries and with different ways of viewing the world can live together peacefully, making intercultural life an enriching mutual element where the final result is always an increase in our development as people who live together in society.

The government sub-delegate for Tenerife, Jos Antonio Batista Medina added, I agree with and fully defend this type of intercultural event where many people of different nationalities and cultures can meet, and which serves as an example of how to live together peacefully, and continued, we all contribute towards the prosperity and development of this island, we are all Canarian, we all live here. Those who have come from other countries to work are Canarian, all of us who are pushing the Canaries into the third millenium are working for the present and for the future of these islands, for which he indicated, it is necessary to use integration and understanding as important parts of mutual knowledge, to cure these terrible evils like xenophobia, racism and fear of the unknown.

The Consul for India in Tenerife, Gope Bhagwandas Mahtani said, it gives me great satisfaction to know that the Hindu community has lived on this Island for three quarters of a century, during which time we have learned to share our culture.  He continued, The Canarians have welcomed us with affection and provided us with a home, and for this they deserve our respect, thanks and admiration..... Although the world knows us as businesspeople, our children have learned that our real home is where we live.... today we are committed to caring for this land which has given us so much.

The president of the Hindu Association of South Tenerife, Kanayalal Mirpuri Mirpuri was grateful for the massive attendance and gave, enormous thanks to all the people of Adeje, especially the council for their participation and cooperation.

The mayor added, Adeje is a district where people of 111 nationalities live in harmony, and in our search for a better future for everyone, we will not stop being a model of a lifestyle based on respect and peace, because beneath it all we share one common factor, we are all humans with specific values.

He congratulated the Hindu collective, and also other collectives in Adeje, for their ability to live together with respect without renouncing their own way of life and concluded, I invite and encourage you to continue in this way, in Adeje the council will always back this type of initiative, under the umbrella of the slogan Adeje vive, Adeje convive (Living in Adeje, living together in Adeje).... Working towards this harmony, we will achieve a better world.

Gallery: Hindu new year celebrations
Adeje major Jos Miguel Rodrguez Fraga, delighted at the harmonious afternoon Around 4,000 people visited the recent intercultural fair in Adeje to celebrate the new Hindu lunar year.  
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