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Daily news from the Canaries and the islands
   Daily news from the Canaries and the islands' biggest English language newspaper on-line

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Features13.01.2012 - Cycling along beside the sea in Valle Gran Rey one evening after sunset, I noticed the tops of three enormous masts twinkling with lights above the harbour wall and went to have a look. more...
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Features18.11.2011 - Spare a thought for the islanders of El Hierro. As you read this, their tiny island may suffer another earth tremor of somewhere between 1 and 4.6 on the Richter scale. more...
Features28.10.2011 - Boxty is a filling and satisfying meal or side dish and is a great Irish Halloween dish.

Features27.10.2011 - We can promise you that the promise that a weekend away at the Hotel Jardn Tecina isnt a trick it will be one treat after another.
Features26.10.2011 - I dont know about you, but there are some festivals that are just too much fun to be left to the kids.
Bobbing for apples
Features25.10.2011 - While Halloween has morphed into many things, and more and more adults are taking full advantage any excuse to dress up and have wicked fun, its still really for the kids.
You have to laugh
Features22.09.2011 - Hi everyone, I hope youre all well.
This week Tony and I enjoyed dinner together, and especially reminiscing about the early days of our respective careers.
Features21.09.2011 - How do you decide whether to use an estate agents? Most companies charge commission of between three and five per cent of the sale price received, but they advertise and show the property and advise the owner.
Joe Arnold in 2001
Features11.09.2011 - Days after the Twin Towers terrorist attack Island Connections published an article by Joe Arnold, a US citizen living in Tenerife, Today, to mark the 10th anniversary of the attack, we reprint the interview in full.

Features16.08.2011 - The new school year is just weeks away and already the war of words between the Department of Education and teachers unions has commenced. more...
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