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The traditions
July 27 - 28 San José de los Llanos
Farming fun

24.07.2012 - For a taste of life as it used to be, take a trip to the borough of El Tanque to see the traditional wheat harvesting and threshing. The two day’s activities start at 10am in the Erjos, areas where wheat is still very much part of the agricultural landscape. Harvesting will be undertaken using traditional tools and methods and the bundles and sheaves of wheat will be loaded onto farmer’s shoulders or donkeys for transport to the threshing floor. From 6pm reapers, threshers and visitors from around the island will meet in Los Llanos to share an evening of music, traditional theatre, poetry reading and storytelling. The customary all night threshing vigil, where farmers spent the night on guard in order to prevent fire or theft of the wheat, was always passed easier with these time-honored activities, and though for the festival the vigil is only planned until midnight, who knows once the party gets started? The following day at 10.30am the cut wheat is spread on the threshing floor, ready for the horses to break down the straw, and the oxen to pull the threshing board in circles over the stones, whilst the farmers separate the wheat grain from the straw, winnowing in time-honoured style. The event will be explained in Spanish, English and German, there will be several displays to enjoy and you can also take part in the Threshing Day 2012 photography competition. The closing event is a horse race at 4pm. For more information call: 922 13 67 15 or go to:

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